Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2020

Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2020

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for January 2020. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at

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Aries is all about galvanising, initiating, and January is the month of new beginnings, a time when people often set resolutions or make plans for the coming year. Your perspective is always primed for freshness, newness and as such, this is a powerful time for you to set your intentions and get to work on revamping any area of your life that may have become stodgy or stagnant. With Venus moving into detached Aquarius on the 9th, you can resolve issues that have formerly plagued you. Women will be particularly influential in very positive ways so you should seek out their input whenever you are able. Love is enhanced magically. Aries are warm but Aquarius lends you ease and lightness that helps your romantic life to flourish. On the 13th, Mercury moves into Capricorn which lends a more spiritual flavour to your nature. You crave answers and deeper meaning. You may find yourself living more in the realm of imagination. This is a reminder that dreams can and should be brought forth into reality. If you can back up your wishes with solid action, there is no doubt that you will achieve. On the 31st, Mercury moves into Aquarius but this only flavours the end of the month and is not worth delving into here. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn, which can indicate romantic commitment or adhere to a romantic institution such as marriage. This is also a good time to think about your home and where you would like to live. This placement leads you to respect in the community and plenty of appreciation if you are artistically inclined. On the 15th, the sun moves into Capricorn which can bring to light paternal relationships. This can be a confronting time if your relationship to the masculine is more damaged. Mars in Capricorn keeps you savvy financially and brings a sense of deep resolution and completeness. It is time to close some chapters and begin some anew.


With Venus in Aquarius, you’ll enjoy a wonderful professional period and others will be interested in you and what you bring to the table. You are interested too, in work, in people, and this helps you bring passion and flavour to proceedings. This can naturally lead to a promotion of some kind. In love, there is gentleness, compassion and a certain softness that appeals to your earthly nature. You respond well to nurturing. Earth can be hard, tough, but a softer influence enables you to flourish. Think of the water that rains down upon the forest. Its softness encourages growth and change. It stops the earth from becoming too static. With Mercury moving into Capricorn on the 13th, you may find it difficult to concentrate and you may even feel somewhat lazy. Your physical health will be fine, but mentally and emotionally you may feel off-colour. At these points, it’s important to catch yourself and let yourself rest. Earth can be a forceful element, but it also needs plenty of time to pause and breathe – to simply be. At the end of the month, Mercury moves into Aquarius which further bolsters your professional potential. With Saturn moving into Capricorn on the 24th, you will be lucky and you will complete tasks but slowly. This is more in line with your nature. There’s no fast or flash like there can be with Aries or Gemini. You are a sign that takes your time and works in a more savouring way. You mustn't be misled by superstition. As the sun transits into Capricorn on the 15th, you will enjoy physical, emotional and mental happiness. There is a wonderful sense of joy that spreads throughout your entire being. There is a change in your attitude that enables you to embrace life wholeheartedly. Mars in Scorpio produces a mixed effect – it is brilliant for those who work in calmer, more methodical environments. In love, it can generate passion and problems. Balance is key to enjoying the New Year. Take what works and work on what doesn’t.


For Gemini natives, there are several fresh starts throughout the year, such is your nature, but January is certainly a month where we tend to reset and think about what we want the following year to look like. If we can allow ourselves to dream, then we can scheme our life into existence. We simply need to be able to let go and stop policing ourselves. Your imagination is so keen that you don’t find this particularly challenging to do. With Venus moving into Aquarius on the 9th, you enjoy a fortunate period in which you can look at life with a greater sense of perspective which can assist with healing and growth. You may have found yourself stuck in the nitty-gritty details, but Aquarius won’t allow you to rest there. It understands the need to see things from afar, to avoid the traps we set for ourselves. On the 13th, Mercury moves into Capricorn which can lend gravitas to the way that we communicate with others and helps lubricate our social relationships. You are already excellent at this Gemini, so you may find yourself making friends and influencing people rapidly. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which can trigger the resurgence of old problems or patterns of thinking. You should not make important life decisions whilst in this fog. Instead, you should look at this as an opportunity to represent pain or problems that you may be quashing. What do you still have to learn? No one is a master. Practice, consistency and patience will get you there. Discipline may be a dirty word to you Gemini, but actually, your flighty nature is fortified by having some structure or routine to help bring focus to your flight. Without it, you are a caged bird with an open door with no idea of where to fly. With it, you are a soaring eagle who understands its limits. With the sun moving into Capricorn you may worry about the future. This is a place where you like to live, in anxiety. Try to ground yourself in the present moment. Mars in Scorpio can dull your energy and make you feel heavy after all Scorpio runs at a very different frequency to Gemini. Try to let it add depth and breadth to your experience, rather than weight and you might find this an interesting time. A passionate Gemini is a sight to behold.


Cancer is a sensitive, empathic and emotional one; it is one of the most beautiful natures of the zodiac. True purity can be found there, but tenacity too, and the type of strength that can only come from love. The lesson of Cancer is to understand that empathy without boundaries is self-destructive. Pouring love inward, drinking your own potion, is essential. You can then fuel others from your overfill, rather than from a space of deficiency or lack which will lead to you feeling neglected, rejected and used up. With Venus in Aquarius, you may feel plenty of lack and longing but this is the reminder that you need to turn to self-love to re-fuel. This is always an inside job. On the 13th Mercury moves into Capricorn which can bring out a sense of suffocation in relationships. For Cancer natives, love can feel like space where we bring so much of ourselves, that we lose ourselves in our partner. This can be fun at fourteen but dangerous as we grow older. We need to have a strong and stable sense of who we are. Learning to love with detachment may sound like an oxymoron but will give you far greater freedom and help you feel less lost in your partner or in your notions of what love is or should be. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which helps you to remain cordial and friendly with others but you may accidentally evoke envy in others. It is important to avoid destructive habits like smoking, drinking or drug use, as well as overindulgence of any kind. This is not positive for you, it can lead to weight gain or the tendency to bury or repress emotions or thoughts beneath habits and/or things. Be very mindful of the type of behaviour you allow yourself to partake in. Mars in Scorpio is an empowering placement which gives you plenty of confidence and clout. Scorpio is also of the water element like you, but it is less concerned with the niceties that Cancer so associates with. When necessary, it can give the strength to dive deep and soar high. Make use of it.


Leo, you are all about love and romance. It is so deeply important to you. Consider the lion. Consider how much validation his ego requires from his Pride, from the pack. Well, the lion represents you and you can find much of your own truth in the behaviour and attitude of the lion. When you are unsure of your nature, observe the lion and you will find yourself reflected there. Of course, all signs have their positives and negatives. The lion is protective and warm, but sometimes he craves too much attention and adoration. This can turn people off. This month, love may enter your life but when it does, please try to be more generous and less expectant. Share some of your big heart. On the 13th, Mercury moves into Capricorn which is a wonderful placement for those of you who are artistic or performative by nature. You will have a captive audience and people will respond to what you create. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which suggests harmony, monetary gain and yes, plenty more romance. Truthfully, Leo is never without love, but you can feel an absence of it due to a sense of perceived lack in yourself. If you fix this, you will see that love has always been and always will be around you, just waiting for you to take it in. Mars in Scorpio indicates a need to expand or push boundaries in some way, most likely concerning your career. You won’t want to be boxed in any way. If this energy manifests in an unhealthy way, it looks like aimless rebellion. If it manifests positively, it shows as a surge of change and of dynamic action that gets you thinking. The key ingredient that will decide which of the two it looks like is the focus. If you are focused, you’ll use it constructively. With it being the New Year, this is the time to look at what you can do differently and to bring fresh energy to all.


Virgo is concerned with all things health-related. It is what you rule. When this goes too far, you can become a hypochondriac, someone who is preoccupied with their health at the expense of truly living. When this is moderated, you value health and respect your body. You feed and nourish it well, listen to its messages and give it what it needs rather than what it demands. This month, with Venus in Aquarius, your body will speak to you and try to impart its wisdom. All you must do is listen and remember than the conversations of the body can be very quiet and subtle. The body will scream loudly when it needs to but it will also whisper, especially at first. The more in tune you are with yourself, the easier it will be to understand what your body needs and what it is asking you to do for it. You will then develop greater harmony. On the 13th, Mercury moves into Capricorn which can make plans fall apart, especially at work. You are the planner and organiser of the zodiac, so do not be freaked out by the fact that things may not go your way.’ Perhaps there is a better way or a different way than you are being encouraged to consider. Besides, spontaneity can be very healthy for us. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which is a wonderful time for education, learning, growth and expansion whether you are young or old. Take this opportunity with both hands and branch off into something new and different. Success is certain but you will need advice too so don’t go it alone. Mars in Scorpio gives you confidence and a certain self-assurance which you do not naturally possess. Enjoy it. People will not know what to think of you!


Venus in Aquarius generates a particular type of tension which indicates a transformative life change, such as parenthood or fame. We are talking about the kind of change that is life-altering. As one who is eternally preoccupied with balance, you need to try to keep an even keel so that you don’t fall overboard. Life may rock you suddenly, even violently, but maintaining your guard and your ground is hugely important. This may be a chance that you are prepared for, or planned or one that has come from the complete left field. With Mercury in Capricorn, you will benefit in many prosperous ways including in friendship and financially. This is a time of many blessings so be sure to stop and count them. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which can trigger a sense of restlessness, momentum and desire for movement. You’ll feel itchy with a strong desire for change or movement. You must sit with this and recognise what it is trying to tell you – is this a real desire or does it stem from frustration? Do you need or want to make a radical change, or will a small one do? Mars in Scorpio can cause health or financial issues to arise and these should be dealt with swiftly and sharply. Your desire for harmony and your tendency to people please can mean that you refrain from expressing your needs or tackling the darker facets of life. To become whole, you must learn to understand what your needs and wants are important, that not everything needs to be nice or pleasant all the time. When it isn’t, it can be a sign of areas where work is needed to be done. Facing these darker shadows is where you will find the gold, so don’t be afraid to turn inward and do the work. Your quest for balance will show you that the seesaw of good/bad, light/dark means that coexistence is what we all should strive for rather than elimination.


With Venus the planet of love in Aquarius, the sign of revolution, you’ll notice that a lot of change and newness will explode into your life. This may include a home, furniture or other material possessions, or a career or role. Opportunities simply emerge and it is down to you to respond in whatever way you deem most appropriate. Scorpio is a sign of transformation and intensity and matched with the Aquarian spirit of rebellion and change, you’ll notice things happening in quick and unusual ways. There’s no particular way to prepare for this other than to buckle in and embrace the ride. In true Scorpio style, you might need to take some time to process the changes that will come your way so that you can amalgamate them into your experience. Mercury in Capricorn can trigger disputes with loved ones so do watch your temper and make sure you let off steam when you can. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which indicates a desire for travel and the pursuit of success, which will definitely occur because your friends support your journey. Mars in Scorpio is an ongoing placement which can create issues and change in the domestic sphere. Differences in thoughts may cause arguments between couples or family members. Try to give one another space and have faith that no offence was intended. This is a good time to implement your own changes, especially in your career. You understand that life can change on a dime and are prepared to accept the grand adventure that life can be. Do respect your need for processing, for time. Permit yourself to go inward. Scorpio is an introverted sign. Take time to be with yourself and honour your intensity. You may not roll with the punches as easily as other signs do. That’s okay. Your mission is to go deeper.


Sagittarius contains the spirit of the wanderer, the adventurer. Represented by the centaur, Sagittarius wanders the world seeking truth and sensation, but rarely sensation for sensation's sake. There is a craving for something deeper, but the relentless cheeriness can make others think that you are not all too serious. It’s your job to convince them that you can be and to show a more meaningful side to your nature. With Venus in Aquarius, you may take many short trips but this is not so unusual for you. Mercury in Capricorn enables you to be innovative and pragmatic which can lend function to your flair. An idealist, you can be a bit pie in the sky and Capricorn can help you get practical in the here and now. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which can make you lose with the truth. Avoid lying and saying things that you don’t mean or truly feel. On the flip side of this, you mustn’t be blunt or crude. This can alienate others even more than you intend. Mars in Scorpio lends you great financial fortitude and helps you go after what you want economically. A bit of a financial free spirit, you sometimes find it hard to put a price on your services. Money can be a hard language for you to grapple with and as such, you can find yourself embracing many ups and downs but you maintain a positive attitude because to you material matters are not worth stressing about. You take things as they come, with the attitude of a gambler. Maybe this can be the year where you get your finances in order and develop a healthier, more well-rounded approach to the material realm.


Venus in Aquarius keeps you in a financially strong situation. Chances are, you will always be doing financially well because when it comes to money, you really care. Practical, earthy and material, you understand and respect money and how to make it work for you. You are not of the thought that money cannot buy happiness. You realise that money buys security which can buy a certain level of happiness (to a point.) The balance for you is in understanding that although money is important, especially on a certain plane in this world, other things are vital also, especially the spiritual world, and that these other areas of your soul need to be recognised and fed for maximum happiness. Sometimes it is not about working hard, but working intelligently. Mercury in Capricorn may make you shy away from spiritual matters. In fact, you may have an actual aversion to them right now. Dig deep. What is it you are running from? Why does the timing not appear to be right for you? Have you got certain preconceived notions about the spirit that are harming your ability to connect to it? On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which brings a period of luck, especially romantically. You love deeply, solidly and passionately, but you can also be insecure in love as it is one of those areas that come without a rule book. There is no step by step way to conduct yourself in matters of the heart and that can make you feel uncomfortable, even awkward. Try to relax this month. Try to release the pressure valve as often as you can. Finding ways to relax, to stop being so hard on yourself and to let go of any perfectionist tendencies that hinder you will make life feel far more refreshing and rewarding.


You may find that a lot of healing comes in the form of women this month. They will be your saviours. It may be a mother, daughter, wife, aunt or friend – but women are the key. Do you have a strong circle of women or feminine energy around you? If not, seek it. But make sure that the energy you seek is authentic, free and wise. You are seeking that which is of a high vibration. The impact of Venus in Aquarius means that women will be so powerfully important in helping you to resolve complex circumstances. Identifying and utilising your own feminine energy is also essential. We all have an inner feminine and masculine, our own yin and yang. Work with them, allow them to cooperate and collaborate. With Mercury in Capricorn, this is a wonderful time to start a new relationship. Capricorn rules sensibility and responsibility. Capricorn adores boundaries, standards and time. It likes to obey. It is not like Aquarius or Aries, it does not like to rebel. Capricorn likes to colour in between the lines. In love, this makes you honourable, fair and loyal – a great catch for someone with values. You have integrity and staying power and this makes you a very attractive source of love for others. You may find that you have plenty of interest. Your self-esteem will dictate who you choose to be appropriate and worthy. Saturn in Capricorn can mean that your expenses rise. Yes, there will be money coming in but also plenty going out so draw up a budget and be aware of what is moving where. With Mars in Scorpio, you perform well in politics or the world of fame. Any situation where you require a stage or an audience, well you work the room!


With Venus in Aquarius, your attitude is laidback and cool. Not much will face you and there is an ethereal detachment where you look at things with chilled, calm curiosity. It will be difficult for anything or anyone to get under your skin. People will not be able to understand what makes you tick so you will preserve a sense of mystery which is naturally intriguing. With Mercury in Capricorn, things are favourable for you. Capricorn lends ambition and practicality to your dreaminess which serves you well in terms of taking action and getting things moving with momentum. Your difficulty can be in getting started, but that won’t be a problem now. This is also a powerful time to begin a new relationship. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which helps things run smoothly in life. Loans and debt will be paid on time, friends will reach out to you, and essentially things will tick along healthily and systematically. Everything will be in order. With Mars in Scorpio, you will be proactive and powerful. Scorpio helps you act uncharacteristically, to take the bull by the horns. The blending of these energies is beautiful. Pisces is gentle, intuitive, sensitive and dreamy. Scorpio is probing, passionate, intense and dedicated. These energies are similar enough to sync but different enough in frequencies to really light a fire and get things moving. Think of a serene pool of water and crashing waves – this is the same element in action, but the form it takes changes the way the element is received. This month, think about your element of water and how you can connect to it in various ways.