Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2021
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Happy New Year Everyone!

January marks the beginning of a new year. This month is all about corrections, alterations, resolutions, goals, plans, and the path we all choose to continue to ascertain that the year turns out good.

So basically, this is also called the planning month. For some, the previous year might not have ended up great, while others must have experienced it as the best time of their life. Unfortunately, for a few, it must have been a year of hard-hitting reality.

Looking at how the previous year had passed, we all decide to cautiously make choices and take decisions so that the upcoming year is happier, better, more content, and hopeful.

After the pandemic struck the year 2020, it was hard for people to cope or hope to expect 2021 to be great. But eventually, the tables turned, and we all are welcoming the new year strongly. The unity, strength, and courage we all have shown the previous year have helped us deal with this crisis boldly and hope for a better tomorrow.

Will January 2021 be fruitful in terms of finances, will my career be more stable, will my love life blossom, can I expect commitment? All such questions will be answered right here.

With expert astrologers' help, one can get a sneak peek into what the upcoming year holds for us and alter the future moves accordingly.


Aries natives always have the urge to do something new and different. There’s an innate restlessness in your temperament that leaves you unsatisfied with the status quo. You’ll also be drawn to what has not been done before. As the first sign of the zodiac, there is an intense thirst for experience. This is how one acquires the knowledge to finally reach the twelfth sign Pisces, which carries a sprinkle of all previous signs within it. This is a month of brand new transits, all of which conspire to push you to do something different. On the 4th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, which promotes success in all you do, making this a great month to push for victory. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, which grants you the opportunity to start something new, including a relationship or career. On the 5th, Mercury’s influence in Capricorn creates a bountiful period for professionals and brings enthusiasm and zest to all projects. You will become a true powerhouse. On the 25th, Mercury moves on into Aquarius, which brings out your hyperactive, social, fiery nature. You will experience great joy in all you do and have itchy feet for travel. Post the 14th, you will pick up assignments where you would like to work, achieve, and earn. Professionally this is an excellent period for you and one in which you can grow and achieve your targets with a true sense of ease and momentum.


A New Year and a new month of new transits bring a mixed bag to Taurus natives. On the 4th, Venus enters into Sagittarius, which can play fast and loose with your health. You need to take the utmost care to look after yourself in all ways. Slow down and engage your senses – prioritize rest, nutritious feasts, and gentle exercise that rejuvenates the body. On the 28th, Venus moves into hard-working Capricorn, and you’ll find favorable luck across all of your endeavors. You’ll also be immensely supported by friends and loved ones, which fortifies your tenacity and propels you onward. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which can trigger a lapse in concentration and make you feel rather lazy and unmotivated. Mentally and emotionally, there can be a sense of instability that could be mitigated by adherence to a strict meditation and yoga routine. Structure and routine are so beneficial for earth signs and end up making you feel more energized. If you do not have one in place, now is the time to get thinking. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which intensifies professional development and completion of tasks. You are also rewarded with recognition, appreciation, and gratitude. Post the 14th, the month will bring about a wonderful period of wealth, profit, happiness, and ease. All is well, and you can bask in the glow of success.

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Gemini is a sign of fluctuations, ruled by the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods Mercury; Gemini requires movement of the mind (as well as the body) to feel truly satisfied. Recognizing this powerful need for a quest will make a world of difference to your month. With Venus moving into expansive Sagittarius on the 4th, you may welcome a new family member into your fold or deepen a romantic union with marriage. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, and you may have to contend with very minor ailments such as coughs and colds, which are reflective of a low immune system. For you, physical health is tightly wound to what is occurring in your mind. If you feel worried or anxious, it manifests physically. For Gemini, this commonly affects the throat (the chakra of communication, which Gemini rules.) Grounding yourself in the now and paying attention to immediate needs can mitigate this. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, bringing unexpected monetary gain and fortifying social relationships. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, indicating some financial loss and a need to be alert to others' true intentions. Exercise a little caution and intuition in your dealings. Post the 14th, you may struggle with some mental tension. Divert your mind with a book or engaging project. Your confidence may be afflicted as you worry about the future. Bring your attention to the present moment, dear Gemini.


To be a Cancer is to feel with such exquisite deepness not just your own feelings but the feelings of others also. This month, your emotions ask that you learn to navigate them. Consider a man flailing at sea; he is afraid that the water will suck him under. But a man who takes the sea with a boat, or a dolphin or other such animal adapted to the water, understand that there is nothing to fear, for the water has its own rhythm and momentum that push all back to the land. On the 4th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, which encourages you to keep a tab on your health and wellbeing. Checking in on yourself isn’t always high on your agenda, but it’s an absolutely crucial thing to do. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, which can lead to confusion and a clogged mind. Something is blocking your sense of flow. There is a desire for expansion, especially in business, but frustration or resistance in terms of how this can be achieved. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, bringing to the surface relationship challenges such as infidelity and deception or a sense of suffocation. It may be that you have merged too closely with your partner and no longer know where you end and they begin. Connecting with your authentic inner self can assist. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, enabling you to be at your best, drawing attention and praise in the process. Post the 14th, the month can generate misunderstandings between partners. It’s easy for someone not to catch what you mean. Try to rekindle your relationship and find some common ground. Professionally this month is exalted.


The fixed nature of Leo natives invites them to dig deeply into topics that fascinate them. Once their attention is captured, it becomes very difficult to lure it away. Please think of the lioness's tunnel vision, which seeks out her prey; there is nothing else she can see until the prey is felled. This month the priority or ‘prey’ is work. With Venus moving into Sagittarius on the 4th, work becomes your dominant focus. You can accrue financial gain and explore a great number of job opportunities encouraging you to be flexible. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, and you are encouraged to be careful – you may come into difficulties with others in the office. Watch for people’s true nature and take time and space to trust. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which ensures victory and achievement as well as fame. This is also a wonderful phase for those with artistic talents. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, and your health is called to the fore. You are fairly sturdy and robust but are prone to the usual ailments if you do not take care of yourself, and sometimes when your fixed nature is consumed by something, you take the focus off of your health entirely. Post the 14th, you will enjoy victory across all areas – there may be a restless urge for change. What can your next focus be?


The devil is in the little details for Virgo natives. You are fine-tuned to the smallest gestures, the tiny clues; this enables you to piece together highly effectively the puzzles of life. This month, as Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 4th, you appreciate something new coming into your life, such as a new home or vehicle. There are also a great number of auspicious events to keep you entertained. You are invited to relax and to leave work at home for a few hours so that you can let your hair down. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn and can lead to some high expenses (Capricorn likes that which is expensive and elite), but nonetheless, you won’t experience money problems. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which can lead to reputational risk. You may face failures in the workplace, regardless of how much you plan. Can you adopt a more flexible new approach to things? On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, promoting strong health and great success in all that you do, especially in the world of work. Post the 14th, you enter a favorable phase in which your manner of communicating helps you in endless ways. If you tap into your personality, charm, character, and body language, you will make a powerful impact.

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Libra holds within it a very refined sense of what it means to be feminine. Libra values honor, equality, justice, and fairness – all of the civilized traits of man could be said to have originated under Libra's sign, which births the law system. On the 4th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, which deepens bonds with younger relatives, especially those seeking guidance and compassion. You may be asked to share your wisdom. The desire to take a short trip is strong for you want to explore and have a mini-adventure. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, which encourages you to make purchases for your home. Libra is a sign of great taste. You value quality and have an eye for what is classic, as well as beautiful artistic pieces that display your own taste and originality. In this way, there can be quite a quirky side to your choices. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which is a wonderful period for mothers and the inner feminine. Friends swarm and are supportive, and there’s a great sense of community and cohesiveness. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which can make focus challenging. Yoga and meditation are ancient methods for quieting the mind and tapping into a Zen-like state. Just let your thoughts come and go; there is no need to identify too strongly with anything you think. Post the 14th, good health, career growth, and rewarding friendships can be forseen. Time to chill.


Scorpio is a sign that longs to live inward where it can fortify itself and then seeks to enter the outside world to share the power it has accrued. This month, Venus enters Sagittarius on the 4th, which intensifies your mind's abilities and enables you to hone in on your creative instincts, especially those which have the opportunity to make money. Although you are a sign of transformation and therefore open to change, you also enjoy and appreciate material security. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, which can generate moods and temper. Trying to find methods to balance this energy will be useful. Light exercise can help with anger, whilst sadness might require being close to water bodies to recalibrate. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which triggers disruptions across finances, travel, and relatives relations. Try to approach things from a cool and logical perspective and be mindful of rocking the boat. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which encourages you to spend quality time with those you love, especially your mother. The mother is so important to the feminine energy of Scorpio. Post the 14, the month will be reinforcing you and pushing you out into the world. You will be drawn to crowds, gatherings, and social activities. At work, nothing can rival your concentration.


For Sagittarius, life is a party. This is pretty much how you approach it at all times. You are always looking for a way to have fun and naturally take things lightly. This month is by and large one of great enjoyment for you, with lots to look forward to. As Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 4th, you make time and space for plenty of auspicious events. This is also a wonderful time for marriage or entering into relationships or parenthood. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, bringing up monetary gains and increasing respect and support between partners. It is easier for you to take responsibility and fulfill obligations. Your ability to innovate increases your financial situation greatly. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, and something may be playing on your mind. Sharing your problem will half it, and there are plenty of people who care about you deeply and want to be of assistance to you. Post the 14th, the time will be generating a wonderful period, especially in terms of your finances – you’ll make a very profitable turn in the workplace. There is a great deal for you to enjoy this month. Make sure that you do!

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Capricorn is a sign that struggles to relax, for it always has some project, mission, task, or goal that it longs to fulfill. This can sometimes be because Capricorn can project its self-worth onto the external world, seeking validation from achievement, but it’s also something fundamental in your makeup; you aren’t one to be idle, and even if sitting still, your mind will be taking things very seriously. With Venus in Sagittarius on the 4th, you manage to achieve a great deal more when others assist you. It can be challenging for you to accept help because you can be a solitary individual, but you can learn a great deal about collaboration and connection. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, which creates a favorable friendship period; you will feel deeply connected to your loved ones. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which can draw you away from spirituality and deeper into the realm of your imagination, making this a prosperous time for creative endeavors. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which fortifies your education and may lead to you going overseas. Post the 14th, the time can draw up problems in your relationship with your father – explore what you need from one another, speak your truth, and exercise compassion so that these wounds can be healed and finally resolved.


Aquarius, you could be likened to a dog with a bone. Once you get your teeth into something that matters to you, you won’t let go and refuse to drop it! This can be a great asset as you know what you want and can’t be deterred, but it can also make you stubborn when it doesn’t benefit you. On the 4th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, which encourages you to make purchases for your home. You have a future-facing taste, and your home will likely be utterly unique and reflective of your personality. Nobody can impose upon you in this way for you like what you like. There is a tendency to mix and match things from various times, styles, and cultures in a way that is uniquely yours. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, which can hike up travel expenses, especially overseas travel. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which can cause you to feel lazy and lack confidence, which can have some reputational ramifications. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, making it difficult to concentrate. Your mind may race at a million miles a minute. Post the 14th, you are invited to explore your crisis of confidence. This is a favorable time for looking inward and growing your understanding of yourself.


There is no soul alive who would not wish Pisces natives well, for you are the epitome of sweetness. This month, Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 4th, and you’ll find yourself supported by your circle, although children may bring trouble or throw a spanner into the works. On the 28th, Venus moves into Capricorn, which brings monetary profit and encourages you to be active in society. This is also a time in which you may fall in love. On the 5th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which promotes your personal life and makes things favorable. It’s a great time to begin a new relationship and to understand one another slowly. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which can trigger disputes and debt. There is nothing to worry about, simply matters that you must turn your attention to. This can actually be a period of great catharsis as you clear issues from the past so that they no longer impact your future. Post the 14th, you will enjoy promoting excellence, growth, and success. Anyone who would wish you ill falls by the wayside. Your own confidence and sense of faith in yourself grow significantly, and you show the world what you are made of!

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