Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2020

Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2020

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for July 2020. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at


You may be prone to making hasty decisions that may not have been thought through in their entirety. You may prioritise spontaneous risk-taking over sensible forethought. You may accidentally self-sabotage and fritter away money by not weighing out all of your options. This especially manifests in the workplace. You enjoy good health but may experience some anxiety and trepidation. Your reputation may also be at stake which indicates that you should exercise caution. Mentally there can be much dissatisfaction and your immune system may drop leading you to catch low-level coughs and colds so do be wary and take good care of yourself. You may want to limit your social interactions with others. This is also not a wise period for financial investments. There may be an urge to move the family away due to domestic quarrelling. There is a lot to consider this month.


Get in touch with your more adventurous and explorative side. The idea of taking many short trips will appeal to you greatly especially if you can take them alone. You may feel concerned about your mother’s health and there may be some anxiety around a move to a new place. Fortunately, around the middle of this month, you will notice things beginning to manifest and change for the better which inspires you to release some of your anxiety and relax. Trusting the process is important as things can take time to build. Not everything can be a quick overnight fix. This month creates plenty of favourable opportunities for you. Firstly, it’s highly likely that monetary gains will be made and your success rate in all that you do will be higher. Your self-confidence also begins to rise which ensures that you farewell. Your interpersonal relationships are greatly boosted and your partner will support you in all that you do. All in all, life is looking peachy.

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This month will set your financial life ablaze in the most fortuitous of ways. Increments are also indicated as is a potential new source of income. With your airy sensibility, you may generate further money via an artistic or creative avenue. Gemini natives are gifted writers and performers and when able to focus and exercise discipline can create truly insightful and unique work. This is a wonderful period for investments. Outside of the material, you also enjoy a wonderful personal life and robust health. You may find it difficult to feel excited at work. You might have stayed in a job for too long and become too comfortable or you may be experiencing a natural dip. All ebbs and flows as we know. Disputes are likely at home due to repressed tension. Partners may find themselves fighting excessively but new lovers will weather this transit well. You must stay alert because there is a chance that another may attempt to deceive you and besmirch your name.


You may experience emotional stress and low self-confidence. Cancer rules the moon and although it is happy and at home here, it can trigger emotional volatility. Cancer is moody, volatile and changeable energy. You may procrastinate and find that your ability to complete tasks is slowed down by outside forces. This can lead to huge delays and plenty of pending work. Your expenses are likely to be high and your mood will fluctuate and can be difficult to get a handle on. You may experience minor problems with your joints but if you travel for work you will be successful. You may experience some failings in your personal life or during auspicious events. Your disinterest in religion deepens and mentally you may feel as though you are on a rollercoaster ride – your dips in mood can be frequent and sharp. Conflicts with others are almost certain and are more likely to be a reflection of inner turmoil. You may clash with your elders. Escape to bodies of water and commune with nature to ease some of this difficulty.


This month will lower your self-confidence and may bring out minor health issues especially around the eyes. You need to work on controlling your temper which can come out in full force. You should be mindful of hurting the feelings of those you care about deeply. Be careful with money and don’t spend mindlessly. It is easy for you to spend excessively under this transit. Your mood can be prickly and problematic – a grumpy lion may take the place of your usually elegant nature. You should prioritise that elusive beast known as rest so that you work towards maintaining your equilibrium. Life can take on an unpredictable and erratic bent. You may experience health problems particularly related to elimination and an inability to let go. There may be a great feeling of fear or tension in the body and the behaviour of others may trouble you. Perhaps someone has betrayed you or broken your trust. You will feel disappointed and vulnerable.


This month will bring you into a fortuitous period of high self-esteem. Under this time, it is possible to achieve great things and to be successful. New projects bring you plenty of joy. Those seniors will appreciate your efforts and bright and bushy-tailed nature. You are certainly an asset to have around. Something new will come into your life, perhaps a vehicle or object. It may be a gift or a welcome surprise from a loved one. You may experience some troubles and personal problems. If part of a marriage, divorce may be an option particularly if the marriage has been an unhappy or bumpy one. There is a strong chance of problems or obstructions in journeys as well as a risk of accidents. At work, you may have to work incredibly hard to catch up. Time may feel as though it is escaping you and there are never enough hours in the day. Your sky-high confidence will help you weather the more complicated elements present in these transits.


This month will create wonderful energy and ease for professionals, although you will be required to put in the hard graft. You need to guard against false accusations and allegations although your seniors will be on your side. Your personal life is smooth sailing and you enjoy the benefits of strong friendships and solid romantic life. This month generates the dawn of a very favourable period. You will experience health issues but you will be able to overcome them especially if you truly make your health a priority. Those who would seek to plot your downfall fail. This is not a good time to be your enemy! Financially you will do well this transit, bringing in a new source of income. Domestically there is plenty of harmony and happiness. Peace, justice, fairness, equality and balance seem to surround you. All is well and there is plenty of enjoyment to be had. You should have few if any complaints this month.


This month will bring plenty of watery energy into your chart. The impact of these transits produces plenty of good luck and enthusiasm for life, especially in the romantic department. Your intensity will be roused. You’ll also see plenty of financial benefits particularly if you work in the field of marketing. There will however also be some indecision around a dilemma that you are uncertain how to solve. Investments may not turn a profit and there may be health issues or troubles with the stomach which could be related to anxiety or stress. Problems may begin to emerge in your romantic alliances exposing weak spots in otherwise strong and solid relationships. All in all this month brings mixed energy (much like the paradoxical nature of water itself). Take the rough with the smooth, the good with the bad and keep calm and carry on.


This month you may experience some minor health ailments connected to the eyes or stomach. On a holistic level, are you struggling to see things as they are or digest life as it is? Are you experiencing resistance or blockages to your situation or circumstances? At work you need to become more focused if you are to succeed. There may be worry or preoccupation with the health of relatives and your personal life receives a mixed bag of effects. However, you will probably be planning a trip or tour with relatives and loved ones. This month will make it difficult for you to concentrate and may lead to procrastination, stress, and worry or abandoned half-completed passion projects. A lot will be left unfinished. Mentally you may feel unstable or as though you are at the mercy of powerful waves knocking you to and fro. You may be under stress or pressure to purchase a home. But your sense of ambition will be heightened especially in your professional life and you’ll be far more in tune with what you want to accomplish.


This month can trigger niggles in your domestic life. Issues or conflicts that have been allowed to simmer and have not been assertively managed may begin to come to the surface. All that is buried or repressed must come to light eventually so this will come as no surprise and you are likely to view it as problems that need to be quashed. This placement boosts expansion in professional capacities – you will excel and may consider adding a further feather to your bow. This month indicates travel as well as financial improvement. You will succeed over your competitors in a very slow and steady win the race manner. Hard work assures good results. This is a wonderful time for your friendships and romantic life. You will be well understood and extremely happy with your interpersonal connections. Spending time with others will bring you joy and luck.


This month will plunge you into immediate relief from a persistent disease or malady. You will feel replenished and rejuvenated and there may be a sense of closure. At work, you excel in all you do and there are no troubles in your personal life although romantically things may be a little lacklustre. This month can trigger disharmony at home and prompt negative thoughts and low confidence. You may see it as a good time to move away from your family and start fresh, to strike out on your own. You may experience problems with your throat which could indicate a cough or cold but may also relate to your chakra being blocked. Are you able to communicate assertively and authentically? Are you telling the truth or are you swallowing your own voice? These are important questions to reflect on that may bring about healing as well as inner wisdom.


This month can bless you with happy news and good tidings. At work, you will be innovative and push the envelope bringing something new and surprising to the table. Your personal life is merry and there may be plans underway to marry or solidify a longstanding relationship. Friends and family may look to you for advice and support. Financially there is plenty of cash flow but saving may be a more elusive beast. Your health will be affected so be cautious and make sure that you are eating and resting well. Your mind is calm and clear like still lagoon water. You will be inclined towards spiritual or religious activities which only further fortifies this placid and plentiful nature that you are blessed with this transit. Ultimately a very good month for Pisces natives to enjoy with just a few minor waves on the horizon.