Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

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More than half of the year has been spent battling the pandemic and surviving physically, emotionally and financially. Some have lost a lot in life, while others are barely holding on. However, in such bleak times, the month of July is poised to bring about the needed alterations in your life. It aspires to bring your life back on track gradually. You might feel directionless, and some of you might have to start all over again; fortunately, this month, you can expect a positive turn of the tides.

While the world is coping with the new normal, you would have to revamp a few habits and lifestyles. Being more vigilant, safe, and creative is the need of the hour. With major planetary transits taking place in July, there would be a lot for you to cope with. Some might experience unexpected mood swings, while a few might make impulse decisions, which might change the regular course of life. Family-related concerns will see a drastic change this month. In the latter half of the month, love will blossom, and new alliances will be formed. Your professional side would be the nucleus in July.

Will the July horoscope 2021 bless you with good times, or will it challenge you on the professional front to exhibit your talent?

Aries Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

The beginning of July is going to be more rewarding for individuals interested in performing arts as this month is the right time to achieve mastery over them. On the 7th, Mercury sets its foot into Gemini, bringing a slight instability to your emotional relationships. However, a positive and cordial relationship with family will help you stay active during this predicament. Your finances might need a little bit of your care this month. So, be a bit cautious while making extravagant expenses. Avoid any unnecessary expenditures during this phase.

When the Sun enters the Cancer sign this month, it will usher in a period of emotional turmoil. As a result, you could make hasty career-related decisions. So, be careful while making any decision as your reputation could also be at stake. It's high time to focus more on work without paying attention to any peripheral distractions. As love has decided to take a back seat for a while, take this time to focus on your work and achieve positive results. On the 17th, Venus is entering Leo, which is likely to bring you good fortune, especially if you have worked hard for something. It’s time to reap the benefits!

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Because of Leo's presence, now is an excellent time to reforge the family bonds, especially with children, as they will be a significant source of happiness in your life. On the professional front, life is going to be without any hurdles and would sail smoothly. Prosperity is foreseen in your personal life and is expected to knock at your door in the upcoming days. On the 20th, Mars enters the Leo sign, which will bring instability to your mind and emotions, thus impacting your professional and personal life. Couples should avoid planning for a baby for a while as some financial uncertainty will hover around them. It will also create tension and stress, which may affect health.

On the 25th, planet Mercury enters Cancer, arising a need for you to take care of your mother or an older person at home. Your dedication towards your kin will usher in a period of domestic bliss. It is also a prominent time for gaining profits in real estate as there are high chances of yielding excellent returns. Read more...

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

On the 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini, which will positively impact your relationships and bring about a stark improvement in your finances.

You will be able to better and maintain a cordial relationship with your family and close relatives. If you are into performing arts like singing and Radio Jockeying, try to whip up exciting stories with people around you. On the 16th, the Sun will move into Cancer, bringing about minor health issues, especially among the elders of the house. During this period, shifting to a new place can become cumbersome. Nevertheless, you will see things happening for good, and you may even unleash the wanderlust bug in you and consider taking a solo trip somewhere near your place.

With Venus moving into Leo on the 17th, the tide will begin to turn in your favor. Renovations and redecorations are sure to occur in full swing, and you will find yourself in a much better place. In this critical junction, consider taking some crucial decisions regarding your professional life. You will enjoy good health, and you will have a flourishing personal life to look forward to.

On July 20th, Mars will move into Leo, which will reap great benefits in your personal life. This phase is a fortuitous time in terms of love. This is also a good time to respond to your motherly instincts and care for your child's welfare. Financial gains are also on the cards for you. When Mercury moves into Cancer on the 25th, you will need to be careful when making decisions. A strenuous relationship with younger cousins is foreseen, so exercise caution when it comes to arguments. A financial loss of some kind is indicated during this period. Try not to make hasty decisions since you will find yourself suffering from a tottering situation mentally. Allow time to pass while you try to stay patient and passive in all circumstances. Overall, a few mixed emotions are doing the rounds this month for Taurus natives.

The first half of the month will seem to be a pleasurable one for you, and it will improve your relationships with your loved ones. Get ready to be friends with someone new. This will become a relationship that you are surely going to cherish forever. Don't let negativity affect you in any way, and try to remain positive. With the different effects of the planetary movements, this month will be a mix of different types of emotions, actions, and achievements. Read more....

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

On the 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini, which will usher in a period of merriment. This month, get ready to spend some quality time with your friends. You will also be willing to donate your money, time, and energy to a good cause. This month, your intellect will be at the forefront, enabling you to pursue new interests. You will also be enthusiastic in performing arts, where you will master your skills.

When the Sun moves into Cancer this month, a tremendous financial increment is indicated. You will also be able to generate new sources of income, which will, in turn, help you to invest in profitable schemes. On the 17th, Venus moves into Leo, suggesting active participation in social issues. A stable financial condition will prevail. Moreover, it is also an excellent time to take a short trip with your family or friends. On the 20th, Mars will move into Leo, indicating a lack of eagerness and a lively attitude. Remember to take health precautions while travelling. Also, be careful as it is not a suitable time to engage in active conversation with your relatives.

On the 25th, Mercury moves into Cancer, which will positively impact your personal and professional life. The end of this month will be profitable for you, with financial gains doing the rounds. If you are into any artistic field or politics, you will indeed have a successful time this month. You will receive previously loaned money, pending payments, or investment returns. This will resolve your financial problems. This phase is also a good time for you to forget past failures and begin your work with new vigor.

July will deliver some important lessons that will help you prosper in the future. It is an excellent time for Gemini natives, as they can live up to their expectations. It’s important to realise that occasional failures are not the end of the road; you have way more to achieve in life! Gather your vigor and determination to embark on new paths in life. Make new friends and keep close contact with your relatives. Remember, hard times shall pass, making way for new beginnings. Get ready for a substantial monetary profit this year, and make sure that you use it in a dignified way to inculcate and nurture moral values within you. Read more....

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

On the 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini, and it will be a trying time for you. High expenses will be accompanied by low self-esteem. There is also a possibility that your confidence may fluctuate, and success will seem hard to achieve. Nevertheless, try to stay motivated despite all odds, and remember that this too shall pass! The month's end holds some relief for you, so try not to deter from your aim. When Sun moves into Cancer this month, you will face financial problems, which will lead to stress and anxiety. Try to complete your pending commitments, as a delay in work is indicated. Keep an eye on your health; joint problems are likely to arise. On the 17th, Venus will enter Leo, which will mark a reversal of fortune. Financial aspects will change for the better. It is an excellent time to reforge your ties with your family and relatives. You are also likely to engage in a romantic relationship.

On the 20th, Mars moves into Leo. Due to this transit, the financial and professional advances will seem to progress smoothly. You are also likely to inherit properties or investments that are sure to reap huge profits in the long run. No savings are indicated, but you can invest your money in promising projects for a better future. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Cancer, and this is when you need to be careful about your finances again. Working schedules will seem complex, with a massive workload at the end of the month. Recognition of your efforts will take some time, so be patient and work accordingly. Overall, it is a range of complex emotions that you are going to face throughout this month.

July will not be the best month of the year for Cancerians. You will have to deal with financial and professional issues. The only thing that you can hold on to is your excellence and calibre. Things will get better with time. Meanwhile, your family bond is something that you should be proud of and nurture. Have patience and be passive in your approach to the problems of everyday life. Soon, things will get better with time; wait for it with forbearance, and you will surely prosper. Read more...

Leo Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Mercury moves into Gemini on the 7th, indicating financial gain and profits. It is a good time for indulging in academics. Students are sure to fare well in studies with maximum concentration and effort. Life holds numerous exciting offers for you this month, so make the most of it! When the Sun moves into Cancer this month, you need to use greater caution. You are likely to suffer from a series of health issues, especially related to your eyes. A bad mood and low self-confidence will hinder your efforts to pursue something worthwhile. Try to keep your cool, or you’ll end up hurting people's feelings. Try not to react aggressively and think before you speak.

On the 17th, Venus moves into Leo, which will aid your financial advancement. It is the perfect time to buy a new house or a vehicle of your own. Your coworkers will appreciate your work, and you will experience a slow but steady development of your professional skills. Romance seems to be a bit off the pace at this time.

On the 25th, Mars moves into Leo, and you are likely to see altercations in your personal life. Tensions in your family might lead to disagreements. Try to avoid heated discussions with your family for a while. In the meantime, you will be able to maintain a strong bond with your friends, and they will be your stress busters for the time being. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Cancer, resulting in a tough time for you and your family. A strong sense of unrest will prevail with unfavourable financial conditions. You will be disheartened to learn about the loss of someone you love. In such distressing times, try to maintain your mental peace and harmony. Things will get better with time!

A Leo native is likely to face unforeseen circumstances this July. You must retain a positive attitude because this is what will help you overcome the hurdles. Learn to handle occasional mood swings, and let things be as they are. Make constructive choices concerning professional and personal well-being. Leave the rest to fate, as newer opportunities will open up for a positive and healthy lifestyle ahead. Read more...

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

On the 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini, guaranteeing incredible success in your professional life. Seniors, as well as colleagues, will acknowledge and admire your work. A considerable pay raise is also on the cards, and you may be promoted in due course of time. If you are interested in business and backed by a good idea, you can start your own business.

As the Sun moves into Cancer, things will get even better. There will be a boost in your confidence when you get appreciated by your colleagues at work. It is a great time to welcome a new vehicle or a piece of furniture into your home. You are likely to achieve new heights of success at this time. On the 17th, Venus moves into Leo, and it will bring forth certain unforeseen circumstances. Your luck may not favour you. Plan your expenses with the utmost care, and try to save for later. Also, try to keep your physical and mental health in good shape.

On the 20th, Mars moves into Leo, which will prompt an unstable living situation. You will also face various challenges in your personal life. Try to remain calm during intense discussions and refrain from indulging in quarrels. Your health will also get affected, so stay alert. Overall, it is not the best time to venture into newer perspectives. On the 25th, Mercury moves into Cancer, which will lead to a reversal of fortune for you. Professional life improves with time. You will get newer financial opportunities to maintain a good balance between earnings and expenses in life. You might be entitled to a grant from an authority, which will boost new prospects. Also, your love life will be stable at this point. The stars seem to favour you during the last half of the month.

Overall, July is a month with a blend of fortunate and unsuitable circumstances for a native Virgo. Life, in general, is a mixed bag of emotions, so you should truly make the most of every situation to benefit you in some way or the other. So, be optimistic in your approach to life. Read more...

Libra Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

On the 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini, which makes the stars favour you. But you will face issues regarding your spiritual well-being. Your lack of interest in theology might open new areas of interest for you. Travel is indicated, so you can expect short, exciting trips making your way to you soon. You are also likely to inherit property or make an investment in some form. The Sun moving into Cancer can jolt your professional life. People may falsely accuse you of grave offences, so try to stay alert. Seniors are likely to support you, so don’t get hassled unnecessarily. Your work will go on in a usual manner, but you need to put an extra effort into smoothing things out.

On the 17th, Venus moves into Leo, which will prove to be a harmonious time for you. You can expect a great deal of financial stability, which will make you consider investing in profitable schemes. In this phase, expect your romantic life will blossom. It is an auspicious time for marriage, so make sure you have your plans ready.

On the 20th, Mars enters Leo, establishing an even more favourable financial condition for you. All your debts are likely to get cleared, and you can also consider making substantial investments. Marriage is on the cards; if you are in a serious relationship for quite some time, it’s time to plan your next big step. You will also do well professionally, thereby earning accolades at your work. On the 25th, Mercury shifts to Cancer, making luck and hard work favour you for some exciting results. Travel for work is indicated, and you are likely to visit a famous place. So, get ready to spend some quality time alone while you travel for work. It is an excellent time for completing professional targets, and you are likely to get promoted. Personal life also seems to get better, as you try and succeed in maintaining warm and cordial relations with elders, especially your father.

July seems to be an excellent time for Libra natives. Both your personal and professional life will prosper, and this will help you maintain a calm and healthy mental state. Read more...

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

On the 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini, making it a good time for you to have a host of financial gains and profits from various investments. Minor health issues will worry you a bit, so be cautious. It is an excellent time for political leaders, with multiple opportunities coming your way. You will claim a stunning victory over your opponents during this phase. When the Sun moves into Cancer, it will be a favourable phase for you personally and professionally. Luck will favour you as you embark on various critical work processes, and you are sure to succeed. If you are into marketing and sales, expect to meet your targets and reap some great benefits. Love life seems to prosper now, as you commence on this beautiful journey with a lot of hope and enthusiasm.

On the 17th, Venus enters Leo, creating an excellent and harmonious time for you in all aspects. Your physical and mental health will surely prosper. Professionally, you will taste immense success, and a promotion might be in the queue. Great moments of success await your presence, so work hard to achieve each of them this month.

On the 20th, Mars shifts to Leo, marking even greater success in your professional life. You will not shy away from accepting challenges at work, and you will prove your mettle. Your seniors will appreciate your effort, which will automatically lead to new opportunities. Your personal life and your health will prosper, so make the most out of the situation.

For a Scorpio native, July seems to be just the suitable month to prosper. Various opportunities will come your way, and you need to make the proper use of each one of them. Keep yourself motivated, work hard, and the sky will be the limit. Read more...

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Mercury moves into Gemini on the 7th, which will usher in a mixed bag of emotions for the Sagittarians. A domestic feud is likely to occur, but you will still attain your mental peace at the end of the day. You will also face some stiff competition at your workplace, so put your best shoes on. When the Sun enters Cancer, an unfavourable phase is likely to find a way into your life. You will face some health issues, particularly with your left eye, and a chronic ailment on the left side of your abdomen. Don’t let health problems get the better of you, so stay alert. It would be best to be more careful in professional matters, especially on critical projects. Travelling with your family is indicated. You might be concerned about the health of your elders, especially your father, so make sure you are around to look after.

Venus moves into Leo on the 17th, so expect a turn of tides for the better. It will have a positive impact on whatever you feel like doing. Marriage is on the cards, so get ready with your diary and start planning. You will enjoy prosperity and excellent health in this phase. Mars enters Leo on the 20th, which will have an impact on your personal life. Family affairs will be complex, with emotions running high, resulting in disagreements. Try to stay away from heated altercations. It is a financially difficult time for you, so make sure that you do not make any substantial investments. You’ll probably experience a period of shallow confidence, but don’t let it get to you. This period too shall pass, and great things are sure to happen in the near future. Mercury enters Cancer on the 25th, indicating a smooth personal life for you. Though health issues are likely to trouble you for some time, you are likely to gain financially in an unexpected way. Travel is indicated, and you are likely to take a short family trip to an exciting destination and unwind. You will also gain a strong interest in social activities, prompting you to help those in need.

This July brings a mix of good and bad for Sagittarius. You’ll do some fantastic work for the poor and needy, and your contributions will reflect your empathy. Personal life will go on smoothly, though there will be some concern over domestic feuds and quarrels. Overall, this is an excellent month to explore new avenues. Read more...

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Mercury enters Gemini on the 7th, ushering in a period of joy and accolades. When serious situations arise at work, your opinions will be heard, and people will rally behind you. It is an excellent time to gain victory over your past predicaments, as stars are likely to favour you. Love life will continue as it is, with minor changes and occurrences. Monitor your health closely during this period as minor niggles may affect you.

When the Sun moves into Cancer this month, domestic issues are likely to arise. Take care of your partner’s health. This is also a time to delve deep into your thoughts regarding your love life. Your professional life will prosper and reach new heights. You should also consider sharpening your skillset and equip yourself for a bright future. On the 17th, Venus enters Leo, resulting in minor health issues. You need to be cautious since your professional success may falter a bit. If you own a business, think of ways to manage it effectively. During this time, there is likely to be a delay in regular work and a lack of excitement.

On the 20th, Mars moves into Leo, making you socially agile. Your professional life will improve because you will succeed in completing all your pending tasks. Your colleagues will be of great support to you. Unexpected success in a project will help you establish new life goals. Mercury enters Cancer on the 25th, ensuring that luck is on your side at all times. Marriage is indicated, so get a headstart with your plannings. You will endure envy and hostility from near and dear ones, but don’t allow it to determine your future. Keep a positive attitude and tackle things on your own.

The month of July ushers in new prospects for Capricorn. At work, you will encounter mixed behaviour from your colleagues. Some will envy your success, but let that diverge you from your goals. Success will come if you are patient and work hard. Read more...

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Mercury enters Gemini on the 7th, significantly influencing both your professional and personal life. Students, especially those pursuing an MBA degree, are sure to succeed during this phase. If you want to join the authorities, you’ll probably land up in a white-collar job this month. Minor health-related issues might plague you this month, so be cautious. During this phase, you will likely earn accolades in your workplace due to all the hard hours you have put in. For those who are in relationships, love marriage is on the cards.

When the Sun moves into Cancer, it will have a favourable impact on your current financial status. You will excel in your studies and at work. You will overcome your previous predicaments during this period. If you were suffering from an illness, it would soon get better with time. In this phase, no trouble in personal as well as love life is indicated.

Venus moves into Leo on the 17th, ensuring good times ahead. Your career will flourish, and you will enjoy peace and harmony in your relationships with your loved ones. On the 20th, Mars moves into Leo, and misunderstandings are likely to occur. You will get the love and support of your partner, which will also help maintain the equilibrium.

A senior at work is likely to give you a hard time. For a while, refrain from having active conversations with someone in authority. Also, it would be best if you think before speaking to your partner regarding sensitive issues. Make sure you don’t get agitated quickly and hurt someone’s feelings. Mercury will enter Cancer on the 25th, which will be a relief in more ways than one. You’ll likely prosper at the workplace as a result of your hard work and perseverance. Get ready to make some critical decisions at this crucial junction. You will surely win over your current predicaments, proving your worth. It is a great time for writers to shine, as the stars are aligned in your favour.

July appears to be an excellent month for Aquarius natives, as they will reap enormous rewards in all areas. You are likely to succeed academically and professionally. Personal life will be bliss only if you try and avoid uncomfortable situations. Read more...

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Mercury shifts to Gemini on the 7th and will usher in good times for you to embark on. You are likely to move to a new house with more space and make new friends. Some of your new acquaintances will become your friends for life. This phase will usher in a period of domestic bliss. Your relationship with the elders of the family will strengthen, especially your mother. When the Sun moves into Cancer, it will mark an excellent time for you and your family. This also could be a great time to propose to your partner for marriage. The stars are in your favour, so try to be innovative and explore new avenues at work. You will also hear some exciting news that will undoubtedly cheer you up.

On the 17th, Venus moves into Leo, bringing with it a slew of unexpected events. Your health is likely to suffer, especially ailments related to your stomach, blood pressure, sugar, and liver. Now is the time to take good care of yourself and take preventive measures. You will do well financially, so don't worry about spending some on yourself. Stay alert since some negative elements are likely to cause you harm. Make room for new beginnings by engaging in meaningful conversations with your companion.

On the 20th, Mars will enter Leo, which will result in a change of fortune. You will achieve recognition in both your personal and professional life. People with whom you had gripes will turn into your friends and wish for your well-being. If you are into performing arts, you are likely to prosper. Financial stability will prevail. Mercury moves into Cancer on the 25th, which may result in some unforeseen circumstances. Take good care of your children’s health, as it is likely to falter. At work, you could face a lot of competition, so make an effort to live up to your boss's expectations. Your reputation may be at stake, therefore try to stay away from unpleasant situations. Unfortunately, your relationship with your loved one might take a hit during this phase. So, remain cautious!

Overall, July seems to be a mixed bag of emotions for Pisces. Get ready to handle your mood swings. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this too shall pass, and new beginnings await you. Remember, patience is the key, and these hard times will make way for brighter days. Read more..

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