Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

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The month of June ends the first half of the year. By this time, we all know how the year has gone so far, and this is the time we all should figure out how we want the rest of six months to go. From career growth to love relationships and family, the best time will begin in June 2021. There would be harmony in marital life. Finances would flourish, so be ready to reap good results.

At such a time, we all get curious to know whether your current love would turn into marriage? Will a new job provides career growth, will investment in June 2021 turn fruitful? Get answers to all such questions right here in the monthly prediction. Finally, the old will make way for new, and there would be a drastic change for good. There would be a significant change that will bring in a good time for you.

Reading your monthly prediction will help you understand where your life is going and how you should plan it. Even though there is a good time promised ahead, you need to be more careful as the event unfolds in your life. Be prepared with plans and backing but make sure you are always positive. It will help to multiply good vibes and push you to achieve your goals.

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What more would you want? June2021, handled with utmost care and vigilance.

Aries Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, where it can take on passive, self-protective qualities. You may also find that your expenses rise at this time and that problems emerge in your personal life. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, promoting a financially strong period and a calm, well-calibrated mind. Spending time with family and engaging in debates and exchanges fuels you. This month the sun moves into Gemini, enabling you to connect seamlessly with children and members of the younger generation. You may take on a parental role. With Venus in Cancer from the 22nd, you'll be itching for a change and have a strong desire for novelty, especially when it comes to your home and surroundings. Aries craves excitement, and Cancer rules all things domestic. At home, you'll want to bring a shimmer of something exhilarating. This could involve a new form of decor that seems wild and innovative. This month women will be of tremendous importance to you, and tapping into a gentler, softer form of energy can be very impactful for you. Understand your own inner feminine. Because Cancer rules all within our inner sanctum, you may find yourself being quarrelsome and difficult at home and with family members. This is also a time of great luck, surprise, and social activity.

All in all, a good month for Cancer natives! Gemini's impact on Aries can bring a dash of nervousness and mischievousness to the ram's competitive nature. This can be humbling but also instead fires you up for more adventures (or misadventures.) This energy can lead you towards spontaneous and exhilarating experiences. What's important is whether or not you choose to say yes. Chances are, with your nature, yes will be the only option! Read more...

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, promoting your hardworking nature, especially if you are a builder or work in a property-related industry. You enjoy creative pursuits; being able to see something you’ve created appear before you are quite a magical feeling! On the 3rd, Mercury moves into your own sign of Taurus enhancing your ability to communicate well. This benefits you in romantic relationships, at work, and in any capacity where your voice is used as an instrument or with musical intention. This month the sun moves into Gemini, where it truly thrives, for the sun is happy with Gemini’s light and airy energy. This combination will feel like a warm summer’s day – there is harmony, peace, and the kind of enjoyment you feel deep in your bones. It inspires you to spend time with friends and loved ones and forges forward to make new connections. Gemini is far more restless than Taurus, and Taurus can feel as though it has been electrocuted into action this month. Gemini cannot wait to get going, and that hum for adventure can serve as a call to action to Taurus, who can otherwise become subdued, stagnant, and settled. As Venus moves into Cancer on the 22nd, you’ll enjoy a lucky and fortuitous period marking this the perfect time to take calculated risks, play the lottery or put yourself forward. You’ll also feel strongly connected to those younger than you and may take on paternal inclinations. You’ll enjoy a period of popularity in which others seek you out for your stable yet fun personality. There is no drama with a Taurus native, and this is partly what makes you such a big draw. It is always good to shake yourself out of inertia from time to time. Remove the cobwebs from your life and allow yourself to draw the curtains – there are new pleasures to explore. Gemini can help to reveal them to you if you are willing to go along for the ride. Read more....

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On June 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, where it can trigger domestic troubles and arguments. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus. Mercury is a fast planet, and Taurus has a slow, plodding, mechanical kind of energy. This can cause frustration and a sense of being stuck in the wrong gear for a sign such as you, built for speed. You may find that some obstacles appear to block freedom of movement or that you can dream big but physically feel lethargic and tired. This month the sun moves into Gemini, prompting a rise in income and success for those who work in the stock market, politics, accounts, and finances. On the 22nd, Venus moves into Cancer, marking a wonderful period for investment and financial prosperity. If you have loaned money to someone in the past, the amount will be returned to you. Professionally and economically, this is a truly remarkable period for you in which a lot can be achieved. You’ll have great instincts with money, and if you trust your intuition can make wonderful choices.

You may also find that expenses are high, which can prompt financial instability. Mars is the planet of war and action, whilst Cancer rules the home. As a result, your powerful energy can come out as aggression against those you love most. Try to turn this energy outward as something protective and nourishing.This is a month for making money! Because you are naturally wired to be creative, imaginative, and artistic, being one with such a keen mind, you will likely wish to utilize your cerebral talents. What Gemini usually lacks above all else is the focus. It tends to take a scattergun approach to its interests, grasping everything and ending up with a basket of odds and sods that do not do well together. If you can refine your focus, narrow it down, and cut out all that is extraneous, you will find that you fare much better. Your kaleidoscopic nature carries many merits, but sometimes less is more. That is your lesson for the month. You can’t be or do it all at all times. Pick what you wish to be today, and deliver. Read more...

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, promoting a harmonious personal life and happiness in your family. Professionally you’ll be somewhat of a go-getter, aiming high and conquering all tasks with ease. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which encourages you to spend money towards philanthropic causes. You will be generous with your resources and make a positive impact in your community. You’ll also have a calm and measured approach to all things. With Venus in your own sign of Cancer from the 22nd, you may make plans to marry. You’ll also be drawn to beautiful and comfortable things and may make a point of reorganizing your home or workstation so that it feels presentable and pretty in a way that you personally respond to. Your expenses could be high as you’ll be chasing taste, but fortunately, money will still be flowing in steadily. Later in the month, the sun moves into Gemini, indicating high expense, primarily on trivial pursuits. Try to rein this back a little. There are also some risks to your reputation. Perhaps others may be gossiping about you or threatened by your ability to concentrate. Try to remain above the fray. When they go low, you go high. Read more...

Leo Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 22nd of this month, Venus moves into Cancer which presents challenges in the workspace, but you’ll easily achieve your targets. There’s also a requirement to travel abroad, most likely for work-related purposes and personal reasons. You may simply be in the mood for an adventure as we all are from time to time! On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which grants you a strong professional boost, especially for those working in the financial field. On the 2nd, as Mars moves into Cancer, you may find yourself battling some minor health issues or facing some mental instability. Cancer is ruled by the moon and can be quite erratic in terms of its responses. Consider how the moon waxes and wanes; she takes many forms. This should give you some insight into how the moon can impact us emotionally. Consider this period like being on a rollercoaster; you just have to make sure that you hold on tight! This month the sun moves into Gemini, promoting a good phase of luck and hard work paying off. People support you left, right and center, so take risks and go for things – there is much to enjoy. Your fixed nature may choose to stay where it is because it feels settled there, or it may violently leap into and commit to the unknown. You have the bold courage of a lion, and this can show up in unexpected places. It is all about daring to follow, and you have plenty of daring. Your usual settled countenance is somewhat fragmented by Gemini this month. Gemini presents you with an avalanche of plans and ideas and fantasies and offers no practicality. This is dazzling but equally frustrating. However, there may be some lines of inquiry worth pursuing and exploring. In the harsh light of day, has any gold emerged that you may utilize? Use your fiery, practical energy and ability to galvanize a crowd to help propel the best of the brilliance forward. Read more...

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, and you may find a mixed bag of effects from this placement. Failure is indicated, but fortunately, outcomes can be changed by hard work, and you are most certainly capable of giving a lot of yourself. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, promoting luck and support and heightening your interest in spiritual matters. This will begin to manifest in your daily life in the form of practices that keep you on an even keel. This month the sun moves into Gemini, which helps you bring a multifaceted approach to your career. You may look for a secondary career or business – there is a need for more. This is also a fun and enjoyable period for romance. You enjoy getting to know a potential new partner. With Venus moving into Cancer on the 22nd, you’ll enjoy a period of financial prosperity, and anything you invest in will be doubled. You may find yourself seeking out new educational options that appeal to your need for growth and expansion. Ruled by Mercury, your mind needs to be captured if you are to maintain an interest in anything for very long.

Although there are many auspicious events before you, there can be some obstacles. Nonetheless, you will find yourself victorious and in a conquering mindset. Your mental brilliance is intriguing and deeply attractive, for it makes you somewhat unpredictable and draws others in. They are not sure what to make of you, nor should they, for you are ruled by Mercury and are mercurial as a rule. You barely know what to make of yourself, for you understand that although your core is fiercely practical, there is a malleable quality to you that causes you to alter depending on your environment or surroundings. This makes you interesting, and it also helps you connect and bond with people from many different backgrounds and groups. Love can be found anywhere. Read more...

Libra Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

You shine at work thanks to the impact of Venus in Cancer from the 22nd. Your attitude is calm and gentle, meaning that very little causes you to get flustered. This helps you manage stressful or challenging situations with great ease. Others appreciate your good grace, elegance, and tact. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, bringing to light minor health issues, including asthma and other breathing issues. This may be related to the throat chakra. Are you using your voice in the best way? You may find yourself enjoying some unexpected financial gain. On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer which can generate business challenges, some of which you might never have faced before. There may be a failure, but actually, this period can be one of great growth for you. Our failures can gear us up to make the improvements that lead to our success. You should not find this an unfortunate aspect because failure only means that you have the boldness to try, and you will certainly try again. You may also revise your way of doing things to do it more effectively next time.

This month the sun moves into Gemini, which rekindles your romantic life and draws you towards spiritual and religious activities. You may learn a great deal about yourself this month. Gemini and Libra both crave companionship, perhaps more than most other signs. There’s a need for exchange, particularly the exchange of words, opinions, and ideas. To be deprived of this can cause Libra to wither. It will help if you exercise your mind by taking in others. Another great way to explore this without being dependent on others is to explore the realms of art, culture, poetry, literature, and film. This you enjoy very much for you have a voracious appetite for such things. Still, it is better when you can share it with another. If not a romantic interest, friendship is a strong place for you to find the sizzle you seek. You draw a large and versatile crowd. Read more...

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, which fortifies romantic relationships further, although some health ailments may occur. Pay particular attention to the energy of your stomach. This is where we hold a lot of upset. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which can cause some health issues to arise for your spouse, which may cause you some concern. This month the sun moves into Gemini, reinforcing your hard work's spoils, although there may be a delay in you receiving the benefits. All in good time. With the beautifying impact of Venus in Cancer on the 22nd, you'll enjoy a truly blissful love life. You crave depth, intensity, and passion, and Cancer can bring this alongside a wholesome dash of compassion and tenderness, all things that appeal to your watery nature. It may even be a period for marriage if you feel your relationship has passed sufficient tests.

You may lack stability and focus and need to take some time to figure out what your thoughts and emotions are trying to tell you. It could be something as simple as needing more rest or eating better, or it may be a deeper calling that you are not attuned to. Fortunately, you tend to be fairly robust and patient, at least externally, so you can 'hurry up and wait' for fate or time to spoil you. It's important not to become too passive due to Scorpio's tendency to lock itself away in the dark and hide until circumstances are more fortuitous. In doing so, you may render yourself a sleeping dragon locked away in a cave of gold. The beauty is out there; the experience is out there; the memories to be made are out there. Learning to unblock yourself is very important. Although you are happy alone, you harbor deep dark desires, often of companionship. It is also important that this is nurtured, explored, accepted as part of nature and not as a weakness or fatal flaw. Blend and balance the dark with the light, and you will find greater prosperity within. Read more...

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, ensuring that you can defeat them with ease even if enemies arise. Your personal life is joyful and harmonious, and financial gains trickle in. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which lends a stabilizing aspect to your nature, but there may be some small health issues to contend with. This month the sun moves into Gemini, which can bring fiery energy to relationships. This could manifest as great passion, but it could also signify unhappiness or difficulties. Venus moves into Cancer on the 22nd promoting harmony and peace. Life appears to grow before you, and you can live like a true leader. You’ll also enjoy a stellar financial condition. All of the dreams and desires that you may have held within have the opportunity to rise to the surface. You can connect with your innermost self. Consider Taurus as the wood that feeds your fire. You’ll have some structure and guidance this week. Your approach to tasks is slow and cautious but highly effective. Your personal life is joyful and harmonious, and financial gains trickle in.

Female Sagittarians may feel that their marriages do not quite as enchant them as they were. Some resolution may be required. Gemini is unconventional and flighty. Sagittarius is a little more stable and hearty but is always prepared to run off for an adventure or journey of some kind. This blurring and intensifying of spontaneity could lead to some rash choices. It might also lead you to some fairly instinctual ones too. What does your gut tell you? Lean out of mind and get into the body. Into the breath. You will find greater truth here. The thoughts that flutter in your mind may be appealing, but they are not necessarily true; that’s why we can call them ‘flights of fancy.’ But the fire can manifest, so there may be some changes or choices that seem perfectly possible. This can be a wonderful time for making things happen and willing them into being. Read more...

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, and you may gain good news from children. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which triggers tension. This month the sun moves into Gemini, promoting success and accomplishment and buzzing love life. There may be a feeling of electricity between you and another, which you will be more willing to pursue. Thanks to the impact of Venus in Cancer from the 22nd, you will enjoy harmony, growth, and evolution. It will seem as though everything ahead of you is functioning perfectly. You will be excited about all that lies ahead of you. You may step into a leadership position or develop what a leader means to you. There can be so many definitions, but you are likely to settle on one who leads by example. Although luck is upon you, you may need time to see things materialize before you, so patience is an important virtue to cultivate. Single Capricorn natives may find love, and if you are married, you’ll enjoy a serene and tranquil period with no clouds on the horizon. This is a great time to enjoy your relationship simply – go out and spend some time together. Gemini can encourage you to lighten up in love and not tackle it as such a heavy or troublesome burden.

Capricorn is a wizened old lover who has had their heart broken many times and cannot repair it. Gemini is more like the first flush of love in youth – open, curious, and willing. Gemini can lean in and trust. Capricorn is cautious and cynical. Now this month, you can learn a great deal from the twins. Try to remove some of your armor. You will not perish. You are just exploring alternate options available to you. You are letting yourself be seen. The armor can be put on again later, but for now, it is a good idea to expose more of who you are. Let yourself be known. Read more...

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into cancer, indicating a workplace transfer or loan towards a new home. The cardinal energy of this placement sees things reach a state of completion – that which was in motion will begin to be finalized. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which fortifies friendships and brings new people and possessions into your path. You need to pave your own way in this world, and you are likely to find that your life is a journey that could not be called conventional by any means. This month the sun moves into Gemini, which brings recognition, the offer of a new job and a romantic phase in your life, and relief from a chronic health complaint. A great word to summarise this month is potential. Tap into your own and explore the possibilities ahead of you. Aquarius is the sign of the rebel; it is not often that you are consciously rebelling. You don’t tend to want to cause conflict or upheaval for the sake of it, but you see merit in coloring outside of the lines. You see potential where others see problems. This month with Venus in Cancer from the 22nd, you’ll find that luck is upon you, but you must also be cautious of those who do not have your best interests at heart. As much as some things are reaching ends, new things are beginning. This creates a marvelous seasonal feeling, where new seeds are sprouting, and tall oaks are flourishing, and we see the circle of life in action very clearly that things are always starting and ending in parallel. With your fixed disposition, it is easy for you to stick to a rigid course of action, even if the course taken is utterly odd to the eyes of others, but now and again, like a wild salmon, you will launch yourself from the water and frolic in something new. This random erratic tendency can be incredibly unsettling to others who may think they know you but are mistaken, but it can also bring about some much-needed brilliance. After all, it is the launch and the risk that often decides our fate. Read more...

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for June 2021

On the 2nd, Mars moves into Cancer, and you'll enjoy profit, success, and the good news, which can take any number of forms. You do not seek fame, but you have an exceptional magnetism brand that coaxes the world towards you. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, which suggests a spike of lazy or unmotivated energy. Taurus prompts you to slow things down, relax, and smell the flowers. As such, you may not be very productive. This month the sun moves into Gemini, which is all about surprise and change. You never know quite what is going to happen when Gemini is in the picture. You will begin to see things happening around you and receive blessings and rewards for your contribution to the world. With Venus in Cancer from the 22nd, you may find that fame comes knocking on your door while you are busy doing your own thing! You may not understand others' interests, but you don't really need to; you just have to accept it. At work, you become an incubator for innovation. Your creativity and artistry pounce to the forefront.

This is a month in which all can be yours, just be open. The jolt of mercurial energy that drives you this month will not be unfamiliar or uncomfortable for you. But it may make you feel ungrounded as if lost in a storybook. You'll need something to connect to, something that helps to refine and guide and hold you. This might be a walk in nature (nature and especially water are very grounding for Pisces natives), or a long bath or losing oneself in a book (but only for so long.) Time your escapism and then come back to the real world. You'll always need the fantasy; it drives you, but we can only affect change in the real world, so this is where you must belong. Read more..

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