Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for March 2020. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at


Venus is incredibly happy in Taurus, the planet of beauty and sensuality and it brings plenty of positive tidings. Firstly, luck is on your side in all that you do! Meaning that you can achieve all that you put your mind to and more. You will achieve desirable results in absolutely every aspect of life and your fiery, outgoing nature will ensure that you put your best foot forward. You may need to be cautious around your health. Your tendency to rush in can make you prone to minor accidents and injuries. Mars in Capricorn is an absolute powerhouse of a position which gives you the tenacity and fortitude to work incredibly hard and blitz any obstacles in your way. There may be struggles and challenges that you need to endure and your impatient nature will not particularly want to be bothered, but this is where the energy of Mars in Capricorn empowers you, ensuring that you get things done. You need to be careful about your health. If you are feeling unwell or things don’t seem right, don’t ignore them. Let your Aries side come out and get things done. It’s important that you don’t let yourself become too lazy. You can tap into Pisces for healing, rest and regeneration but don’t let it make you ignore your goals or you may regret it. You are drawn to travel and your imagination and sense of fantasy are engaged.


With Venus in your own sign of Taurus, you will receive positive benefits in every aspect of your life. Luck is 100% on your side which should encourage you to push forward to pave your own way. There is plenty that you desire of course and as an earth sign, you are practical and able to manifest whatever you wish. You should be mindful of overindulging and damaging your health. You have a tendency to enjoy the good things in life, but you need to have your boundaries and limits. With Mars in Capricorn, you can expect to receive good news – a new family member may bring much happiness and you are certainly a family oriented person as tradition and convention tend to be important to you even in our modern manic world. Of course, life can be unpredictable with many twists and turns and as such, you should still exercise a degree of caution. On the 14th, the sun moves into Pisces which encourages you to invest in feathering your nest by perhaps purchasing a new home, car or furniture. Your mind will be bursting with innovative ideas, especially at work, where they may benefit you financially. Make sure that you share what you are thinking and feeling. Do not be shy or hesitant in expressing yourself.


Venus in Taurus generates a sense of ease and flow which suits you well. If you are in need of a loan or have any other financial concerns, these will be met and granted effortlessly. There is also the urge for travel and many short trips which is very much in line with the Gemini nature. True to form, you absolutely must explore and see the world, sampling cultures, cuisines and other ways of life. This is because you like to share your findings with the world and in many ways; your role in this life is to be a teacher. By accruing experiences, you are able to demonstrate to others the lessons you have learnt. With Mars in Capricorn, you may be feeling a deeper sense of responsibility, perhaps a home, family or new love connection. At work you are doing very well and are recognised for your maturity and brilliance. You are a much-needed asset. You are likely to enjoy a place of powerful professional standing. Gemini is not a natural leader, but it is a natural captivator, persuader and motivator, and these qualities are charismatic facets of any leader. You are also able to think brilliantly, and typically tend to be ahead of the curve. Success and growth automatically follow when you engage your mind.

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As a Cardinal sign, you are always in a position to lead, inspire and start something new. Although you tend to feel things out emotionally before you act (your emotions are certainly what keep you charged up and primed for action), once you do act, you are an unstoppable force. This is a wonderful time to initiate your own business, especially if it centres on a cause close to your heart. This will keep your momentum going. With Mars in Capricorn, you enjoy spending time with family and children. Young ones are at the heart of all you do due to your natural maternal instincts. You understand the importance of caring for the younger generation and nourishing them for the future. You may worry about them because you are prone to neurosis and your tendency to deeply care can mean that you take on too much. Is there such a thing as being too empathetic? There can be, especially when you take on the woes of the world. Relax please and remember it is not your burden alone and worrying never solved anything. You will enjoy a fortuitous stage of life with plenty of luck, love and support. If you have suffered from health ailments, these will begin to improve and heal. You also enjoy a prosperous and stable financial condition which makes you feel safe and secure.


Your ability to concentrate is fortified thanks to Venus in Taurus. This helps you to expand your business, begin a new business or bring your best self to work. If unemployed, you will be granted extra gusto to find an occupation or career that you enjoy. The best avenues for Leo’s are anything which puts you in the spotlight, for you enjoy the admiration and wants your ego needs to be fed. This is a wonderful time to leapfrog into something completely new and different and the slow and methodical energy of Taurus will help keep you motivated and disciplined, which is how the magic happens. With Mars in Capricorn, you may sustain minor ailments of the throat and skin which should not bother you too much. This can be a sign of stress or anxiety so make sure that you are finding adequate ways to unwind. Represented by the lion, you know how to relax but you can also exhaust yourself by biting off more than you can chew. You may find yourself worrying about the health of your father, which can have an adverse effect on your own health. Try to practice mindfulness, meditation and yoga and combine this with communication and action. This will reinforce that you always have the power to make a difference but you cannot control everything.


With Venus in Taurus, you will find yourself welcoming many new friends into your circle, especially of your own age group. You will have much in common and many shared experiences. You will also be in a strong financial position and luck will be on its way. You may be especially appealing to women who work in the field of media. It’s possible you may find a job in this area. With Mars in Capricorn, you may find some problems emerging. Of course, you are the master of solving issues. As an earth sign with strong attention to detail, you love to manage chaos and transform it into order. This is why tasks, like cleaning the home or sorting things on a shelf, can feel so relaxing to Virgo natives; they feel restorative and bring clarity, focus, discipline and peace, which helps you to feel secure and adjusted. You may find it difficult to trust your partner, but it’s possible you are projecting your own concerns and behaviour onto them. It is important that you take ownership of what is coming from you and open an honest dialogue with your partner. Post 14th unwanted things can trigger misunderstandings. Pisces in Sun can be like warped plastic, a mirage or a reflection on a lake; it can be hard to know what is `real’ which is frustrating to Virgo, which needs clarity. You may lack focus so bring it back to the breath. Meditation brings clarity.


With Venus in Taurus, your focus will be on your family life and it is likely that you will worry tremendously about those you love especially if they have been hard done by in some way as you simply can’t tolerate injustice or unfairness in any way. It is important to understand how much worry is helpful (what is it trying to tell or teach you and what action can you take) versus when worry becomes destructive and damaging evolving into rumination and anxiety, which never helped anyone solve anything. This self-awareness will get you through and help you to develop an action plan. Mars in Capricorn can trigger financial challenges. You may need to spend more money than usual on your health or there may be debt that needs to be cleared. Be mindful of your spending and do not bury your head in the sand. Focus on essential purchases rather than things that are frivolous. Make your money work for you and begin to change bad habits. The sun moves into Pisces this month and you’ll find that all areas of life, especially health and social difficulties will improve. You will be victorious over others, so if you are competing for a job or some other thing, you will come out on top. You are a cardinal sign and your style of leadership is charismatic, friendly and open, which makes you a very modern leader indeed.


With Venus in your opposite sign of Taurus, you will enjoy a beneficial romantic period. If coupled, your spouse will be a source of tremendous support. If single, you will meet a quality partner and with your high standards, that can certainly be a tall order! You crave passion, intensity and depth. You need a partner of substance otherwise you are apt to become very bored. In love, you truly seek the best of the best, especially on an emotional level. It tends to be emotions that captivate you beyond all else. With Mars in Capricorn, you will enjoy financial prosperity and a steady flow of money. You may find yourself with a baby joining the family which will most certainly enrich your life and bring you joy. You’ll find that fame, recognition and success are certain. You are naturally magnetic but this will be intensified and enlarged this month. Whatever it is that makes people turn and look or remember you for some time afterwards will certainly stick. This can bring people towards you, both moths and butterflies, so be discerning about who you let into your inner sanctum. In love you need to exercise caution and make sure that you take your time to truly get to know a person.


With Venus in Taurus, others may be jealous of your achievements and especially of your attitude which always seems to remain sunny and positive. You are a ray of sunshine where others can be dark clouds. Even when facing hardships, your optimism radiates in a pure and innocent way. It is advisable to avoid being a source of counsel to others. Don’t give advice, suggestions or feedback even if it is sought. Encourage people to find their own path. The tools exist within them. With Mars in Capricorn professionals will do well although there will be some pressure. Again, your disposition helps you get through. It is important that you spend time with your life partner to fortify your connection. You may desire to create a home of your own. You are fairly slapdash in terms of style so your home may have a shabby chic aesthetic. Luck and hard work bring you pride, profit and joy and there will be plenty to sustain you. You also know how to stop and have fun and are never without a smile. Your finances steadily improve and you find new avenues of life opening up to you. There is so much waiting for you in this big wide world. Enjoy it! Ultimately you want to be liked by others but don’t be put off by those who are envious of you – it means you are doing something right.


Venus in Taurus alchemists your inner abilities. You become a much more efficient and effective worker and success and growth are guaranteed. Fame is not the forte of Capricorn natives but it is impossible for you to not be noticed. You put a lot of stock in your reputation and in being appreciated, validated and respected and that is a huge part of what fame can be if navigated correctly. It also gives you a platform to have greater influence and to make an impact. Fancy yourself a role model? Well now is the time to seize upon it! With Mars in your own sign of Capricorn, you can’t help but be lucky in all that you do but you do need to be mindful of bad influences. You work hard play hard and as such when it comes to play you can drink, smoke and burn the candle too brightly. Be mindful of your tendency to reward yourself with excess and step away from work when it begins to take too much out of you. You do not need to be so all or nothing or black and white, instead, you can look at the nuances of life. There is less pressure and greater understanding to be had there. With the sun in Pisces, you bring plenty of enthusiasm to work but be mindful of a tendency towards escapism or delusion. Check-in with yourself every morning. How are you feeling? Don’t let work be something you hide behind, but more something which lends you a genuine sense of purpose and self-esteem.


With Venus in Taurus, your hard work begins to pay off and real results crystallise all around you. This is also a time of great luck so you may want to play the lotto or tell that person you are interested in them. Fate is on your shoulder looking out for you and protecting you. You are also driven towards change and self-improvement which is really always a project for Aquarius natives. You always want to be better, but not in a self-deprecating way like Capricorn or Virgo, but in a detached progressive manner. You simply understand that human beings have boundless potential and capabilities and that the individual can improve to further the whole. You don’t flog yourself too hard, but you do strive in an almost natural, easy, effortless way. With Mars in Capricorn, be cautious with your stomach, this can be related to nerves. In love, be open, direct and communicative with your partner and address your wants and needs to avoid confusion. The sun in Pisces draws you to romance, mystery and fuzziness. You want passion, intensity and a bit of intrigue. People who are hard to pin down or read will appeal to you. You don’t want an open book but one with many chapters that you have yet to explore.


You connect very well to those who are young because you have the ability to dream and lose yourself in the realm of imagination. You can partake in magical thinking very much as a child can. This helps you as a parent, sibling, teacher or guide. You have a natural affinity with children which should be explored and utilised. In terms of your health, you may suffer from back pain which can mean that you are taking on the weight of the world. Try to outsource some of this to others who might be able to assist and support you. You are drawn to taking short comfortable trips. Mars in Capricorn makes life run smoothly and efficiently but your spouse’s health may need sustaining. Your love and financial life are stable. With the sun moving into your own sign of Pisces on the 14th, you need to ensure that you are motivated and proactive. It is all too easy to become lazy and disinterested, escaping into a world of daydreams, but nothing of any substance can happen there. Try to find a way to ground yourself in the here and now, this present moment, and take some small action towards your goals. Taking voyages into nature can help you to feel connected to yourself and others. Being around earthy being can make a tremendous difference as well.