Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2020

Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2020

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for May 2020. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at


With Mars moving into Aquarius on the 4th, you’ll experience some mental pressure, high expenses and even monetary loss. You may find yourself feeling cold, detached, and aloof and lacking in empathy. Aquarius can lend you great foresight and perspective, but you need to bring some warmth to proceedings if you want to engage with this energy profoundly. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus which calms your mind and encourages you to spend quality time with family whilst intensifying your romantic leanings and sensual nature. This month will benefit you fantastically financially as you consider new methods of making money. On the 24th, Mercury moves into Gemini where it feels very much at home. This bolsters and boosts cordial relationships with family members and encourages you to be active physically and mentally. Your intellect is awake. Financially you need to be a little cautious as Gemini can enjoy spending for the sake of it.

This month promises to open up new boundaries for all. Even if the world is resuming slowly, you will see a new face of your personality and the world. Stay positive and hopeful.


On the 4th, Mars moves into Aquarius, a fellow fixed sign, which ensures that you complete the tasks ahead of you but at a slow and steady pace. There is an urge to travel for spiritual purposes, especially to shrines or places of religious significance. Do not be misled by superstitions. Allow your pragmatic side to accompany you on the adventure. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus and your skills and abilities are powerfully enhanced, especially your communicative talents. This makes you more popular amongst your friends and family and encourages stability. This month can produce a mixed effect. This is beneficial for those who work in offices during the quarantine, you will inculcate patience and a calm, serene temperament as well as a hard working ethic. The month assures to promise better environment, conditions and measures to save lives. The pandemic will most likely be in a controlled form. On the 24th, Mercury moves into Gemini which creates a financially powerful situation for you and deepens love, affection and communication with your loved ones.

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On the 4th, Mars moves into Aquarius which can trigger mental dissatisfaction. You have time to think and nothing feels satisfying. There is a restless quality which permeates all that you do. Your mind feels uneasy and in desperate need of clarity, focus and discipline. These are traits you can begin to implement of your own accord. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus which can create a slow and plodding effect. Taurus does not sync well with your own speedy energy and you may experience a lag in all you do which can lead to frustration and agitation. Being at home during this time due to the circumstances has made people impatient. With the augment of a new month, the energies promise to bring the world back to its form even if it is at a slow pace. This time can trigger a loss of money. Your energy may be sluggish, lethargic and unmotivated. But your partner will be supportive of you. On the 24th, Mercury moves into your own sign of Gemini and your ability to perform and dazzle will come to the forefront. You will master all that you attempt and your intelligence will guide you through.


With Mars in Aquarius, your domestic life is both exciting and cordial, but at work, you need to be alert for you may make new enemies as others envy your unique abilities. Your serenity and tenacity can make others feel green-eyed. Do not let this serve as a drain on your mental or emotional energy. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus which encourages you to spend money on causes that resonate with you on an emotional level. You can operate from a calm and composed place. Your feathers cannot be ruffled which makes for a happy and joyful personal life, as well as a grand financial situation. On the 24th, Mercury moves into Gemini which can trigger instability and low self-confidence. Meditation, exercise and support from friends can keep you balanced. Towards the end of this month, satisfaction is guaranteed so do not fret too much.

The month brings with itself a hope for a better and safe tomorrow. Mother Nature looking at the efforts to restore life might open doors of the world to resume. You need to be optimistic, positive and patient. As a good time awaits you.


With Mars in Aquarius, your determination, discipline and focus enable you to conquer your enemies and make great financial gains. Your personal life is prosperous and a source of great fun and your love life is made bigger, bolder and all the more brilliant. Your warmth mixed with Aquarian detachment enables you to bring a big sense of play to love that can feel maddeningly (or excitingly) like a game of cat and mouse. For you, it’s all about the chase! On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus which helps you out financially. This month will expand your career prospects. Hard work truly pays off and you may manifest the job of your dreams post the lockdown. On the 24th, Mercury moves into Gemini, where it sits very comfortably. There is a sizzling sense of excitement that permeates through all you do and students especially will do very well. This is a time of fame, recognition and appreciation. Your ego will enjoy it tremendously!

Make all the necessary changes in self during this lockdown for a better tomorrow. The month of May can be seen as a recovery month to be geared up to bring the world back to motion.


With Mars in Aquarius, students will do incredibly well. The coolness of Aquarius takes away some of your anxiety and fussiness which enables you to turn in a better performance. Your ability to plan from a place of composure and organisation will bring great success but the advice of experts should be sought. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus which heightens your interest in spiritual matters. Making this a routine part of your life can work wonders for your confidence, productivity and happiness. You will enjoy favourable luck and extreme self-confidence. On the 24th Mercury moves into Gemini which ensures progress and heightens your intellectual abilities. Some anxiety may present itself but meditation can soothe this aspect and enable it to fortify your brilliant brain. Your quick wit and Gemini flash will make others sit up and listen to whatever you have to say.

You have been making the best use of the time during the lockdown and have opted for some new regime or skills. This month as it seems hopeful to get things back on track then you will get all the opportunities to exhibit your talent.


With Mars in Aquarius, there is a chance of a transfer at work or some change in your personal life. Aquarius can churn up spontaneous surprise so be open and ready. You may have the urge to move to a new home or city. An inner sense of adventurousness has been stirred up. Some problems may emerge in your relationships that can be connected to distance or detachment. On the 9th Mercury moves into Taurus and you may notice issues with your upper respiratory system including asthma or general issues with breathing. This month can trigger mental difficulty. You need to be careful and patient. The ultimate lesson of Taurus for you is to practice patience. This will do you the world of good. On the 24th, Mercury moves into Gemini and you’ll be very lucky, but possibly not very pragmatic. Your attitude to spirituality will be lacklustre but travel will be on the agenda.

The month of May can show a rainbow of hope for everyone. It can also be a time where you might get a chance to churn your patience and efforts into some good work. You can also get a chance to do some social work which can provide you with inner peace.


With Mars in Aquarius, there is a desire to travel and explore and there is also plenty of success post this lockdown. Your business will see great gains thanks to the investment and support of those close to you which will take place in the coming future. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus and you may find yourself preoccupied romantically and worried about your spouse. Their behaviour may concern you. Your mind will be unstable and unfocused and you may find your life lacking the passion and intensity you so crave. There’s nothing wrong with a normal or calm life, but of course, you are ruled by Pluto and may seek out depths that simply don’t call out to other signs. You may find that your domestic world becomes quarrelsome and difficult due to exemption from socializing since days. You may feel as though you don’t connect as well as you thought you did with your partner. It is important to communicate. On the 24th Mercury moves into Gemini and you’ll turn a fantastic profit. If you have political aspirations, you’ll succeed.

This month can give you the privilege of exploring life again but more systematically and safely. There are high chances of you trying your hands on something new and also working on some habits that you longed to quit during this lockdown.


With Mars in Aquarius, you can be blunt and crude. You need to modify your speech and think about how you wish to be received. You may unintentionally offend those with more reserved sensibilities so it is important to be self-aware and mindful. Don’t lie. You may quarrel with a close friend and domestic arguments are likely. On the 9th Mercury moves into Taurus and you will enjoy a slow and gentle work pace. You’ll get things done with ease. Financial gain will follow. You may find that no matter how hard you work, things seem to stall. Recalibrate distress and get back on the saddle. With Mercury in Gemini on the 24th, the tendency for arguments is amplified and your fiery nature will be exaggerated. There is a great urge for self-expression which can become destructive. Life will still be smooth but there will also be an element of unpredictability and mixed reactions. Others may not know where they stand with you.

The month of May can provide mixed results for all during this pandemic time. There are high chances of things opening up to the regular course of life. While others may still need to consider safety above anything. The lockdown period can be utilised for meditation, self-healing and also praying for those who are infected.


With Mars in Aquarius, you will enjoy a lucky period and love may prosper into marriage. There is definitely the opportunity for a new lover and one who meets your elitist standards. You also may purchase a new home. With Mercury moving into Taurus on the 9th, there is some tension around you, but ultimately you will be lucky. This luck may just take it’s time to manifest for you. There’s a need to be patient which should not be too tricky for you and also a need to practice your ability to focus, which may be under attack and need to be fortified. This month will introduce you to a positive period in which fame, notoriety and success come upon you. If you are in the political world, you will do very well. With Mercury moving into Gemini on the 24th others will dance to your tune without hesitation. You will captivate and motivate others easily.

The world is in the recovery mode and this might be the month to get back to work. You might feel energetic and all set to get back to work. Make the most of the lockdown time to enhance your abilities and talent.


Financially, there is plenty of money coming your way, but thanks to Mars in Aquarius, there’s an unpredictable quality. You may not know where the money is coming from or how long it will last and savings may be difficult to come by. You can interrupt this process by living below your means and getting creative about new avenues for financial prosperity. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus which brings about new friendships and material items. This month may make you concerned for the health of your mother but relatives and friends will rally around you and protect and support you. On the 24th, Mercury in Gemini ensures that love is exciting and intellectual. A little cool, you need someone who excites you enough to unearth some of that hidden passion you house. A sapiosexual, someone who is brilliant mentally will appeal very strongly to you.

This month you may see that with the hope for the world to heal, you might also heal emotionally and give life another chance. It is time for a new life, a new beginning and being more cautious and safe.


This is a favourable period for Pisces natives and you may make property-related gains. A loaned amount will be returned to you. You are drawn to water so that you can quite literally be in your element and being close to the water will be soothing and beneficial for you in all ways, including financially. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus and you may feel lazy, unexcited and unsociable. Paradoxically, socialising will actually be good for you and crack through some of this dusty dry energy. The key is not to get stuck here. You will begin to become more proactive and engaged especially in the domestic realm. On the 24th, Mercury moves into Gemini which creates an explosion of excitement and energy. There’s an expansion and you may move to a bigger home or make many new friends. In business, you will be excited and want to do something new. Believe in yourself and do the work and dreams can come true.

The month of May might have begun with a piece of longing news but it surely holds something special for everyone. Be ready to relaunch your life, on a safer platform and let all your learning that you grasped during lockdown be showcased. Hold onto hope it is the only way to overcome this crucial time.