Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2019

Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2019

Expert astrologers of Astroyogi give out the monthly horoscope for September 2019. These are general horoscope predictions based on sun signs. For a more personalized prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to consult.


With the sun in Leo, your self-confidence is a thing to behold. You are supercharged and ready to go and nothing and no one can stop you. A natural leader, you will come into your own and be able to guide and inspire others. Your positivity and unabashed enthusiasm spark the interest of others. You wake up ready to go and few can say that. On the 18th, the sun moves into Virgo, a more disciplined reserved sign. This encourages you to concentrate on what you value and where you channel your energy and time. Consistency ensures slow growth which may frustrate you as a fire sign, but the earthy influx of energy enjoys seeing things slowly come to fruition, like a garden springing to life. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Virgo which ensures that you are recognized in the workplace. Virgo’s have a quiet way of shining like stars because of how hard they work. By the 29th, Mercury moves into Libra which suggests you need to be cautious when it comes to how you communicate with others. There is a risk of being hurtful and insensitive. On the 10th, Venus moves from Leo to Virgo which can bring up romantic quarrels. Are you analyzing love and looking at it too closely? Nothing and no one is perfect. Mars in Leo can cause things to fall away. This may impact plans. If you’re feeling negative you might see this as a failure, but it is life’s way.


The sun in Leo has urged you to expand physically and tangibly. Your domestic nature may interpret this as a desire to purchase a new home or redecorate. On the 18th, the sun moves into fellow earth sign Virgo which helps you to fulfill obligations with a canny eye for detail. Jobs that require precision or detail will benefit from you greatly, especially those that involve a degree of sensuality, like a chef. If you can use your senses in the workplace, you will thrive. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Virgo which can signal a move into parenthood for some of you. It can also drive a great deal of professional insight and focus. You bring a great deal of novelty to the table. On the 10th, Venus moves from Leo to Virgo which brings good news to your horizon. In terms of your work ethics, you are raring to go and can’t be held back. You will find work exciting and be motivated to pour yourself into it. This professionalism mingled with intensity can create some intriguing results and responses. You may have found a true vocation. It will not be difficult for you to focus on work. In fact, it may be hard for you to focus on anything else! Mars in Virgo suggests parenthood or becoming a teaching beacon to someone in need. Education is essential to you right now and you’ll be looking for new ways to cultivate your mind and enrich your experience. Say yes to opportunities.


The Gemini is on top form, sociability is the order of the day. There is a real need for connection, conversation, and exchange. Ruled by Mercury, the flight-footed messenger of the Gods, you need to bounce between different points. If set adrift at sea with no obvious island insight, you flounder and panic. Baring this in mind, make sure that you have your footholds in place to ground your airy energy. A Gemini at play is a fantastic sight, but when you become weary you need a safe place to rest your head and restore your nerves. On the 18th, the sun moves into Virgo which indicates a desire to change careers or a certain restlessness in terms of limitations you may feel where you are right now. With Mercury moving into Virgo on the 11th, you take in plenty of love, affection, and adoration. You enjoy a loving, harmonious and bountiful environment. On the 29th, as Mercury moves into Libra, your personal life may somewhat face turbulent. Is this self-manifested due to confusing drama for passion, or is life taking a topsy-turvy turn? Your light-hearted nature tends to weather crisis very well as you don’t take it in too deeply. However, you must be able to relate emotionally to your life experience. With Mars in Virgo, you impress others with your ability to see the finer details as well as the bigger picture. You can concentrate on cerebral matters. This is your greatest strength: intelligence.


Moving from a place of passive communication to active communication, it is serving you well. Your emotions are deep, intense, almost mystical and expressing them helps others to understand you more authentically. Often you can feel like you are holding back the tide in terms of repressing the great power of the thoughts and emotions inside of you. When you find appropriate release, you can flow like a river, which ebbs and flows, you cannot become stagnant like a pool of unattended water. On the 18th, the sun moves into Virgo which enables you to think clearly about your life direction and to make practical decisions that will get you where you need to go. The dream is one thing. The reality involves taking the steps. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Virgo which can bring up disagreements with family members. Are you trying to connect or control? On the 29th, Mercury moves into Libra and you may experience a slump in energy. You do well when you connect with nature, with others and allow yourself some space to process. You cannot be the gregarious life and soul all the time. You need to take some time away to understand what things mean. On the 25th, Mars moves into Virgo and you will live in a grand and decadent way. Life is for living, and you will do it well. A taste for luxury may develop, but your sentimentality will stop you from taking it for granted.


Fame. Glory. Recognition. Leadership. With the sun in Leo, all four of these adjectives have been rife in your life. You have been able to focus, and exercise great foresight and others are inspired by your ability to merge warmth with authority, a hard marriage indeed but one you manage well. On the 18th, as the sun moves into Virgo, you will experience a hike in income and make wise investment decisions. Relationships with relatives will improve and there will be plenty of auspicious events for you to enjoy. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Virgo which strengthens your ability to communicate and also gives you the extra knack needed to do well in educational pursuits. On the 29th, as Mercury moves into Libra you need to make sure that you reign yourself in when it comes to casual spending. You want to treat yourself and that’s great, but parameters are required. You might not be giving your romantic life much play. Think about how you like to be treated in love. You like big bold gestures. Don’t forget that your partner may like that too. As much as you have a thing for worship, you value equality in relationships so give what you expect to get for true happiness. On the 10th of September, Venus moves into Virgo which ensures that your hard work pays off. Mars in Virgo suggests short trips and a thirst for knowledge and action. Professionally, this is a wonderful and advantageous time.


As the sun moves from Leo to Virgo on the 19th, you will experience a huge shift in yourself. You will move from a place of lack (lack in self-confidence, self-worth, and motivation) to a place of strength and abundance. You will find things more favourable. You will focus on what you can control and influence, particularly your self-development, your career and your ability to make smart decisions with your savings. There are professional and personal benefits to attain. If there is indecision (and this is only natural being a mutable sign), then you must still take some action even if small to get you out of your malaise. Small actions can break the chain where we end up wallowing. There is a huge difference between relaxing and wasting time. Learning the difference would be wise. On the 29th, Mercury moves into Libra which is wonderful for those who deal in property. Your relatives may come to your salvation in some way. On the 10th, Venus moves from Leo to Virgo. You may lack trust in your partner or be looking to micro-manage the relationship. There may be a thrust for power or control stemming from a fundamental sense of fear or inadequacy. If you are feeling insecure, love will feel like a threat. Communicating your fears will make a big difference. On the 25th Mars moves into Virgo which is a fruitful time for sale and purchase. For true success remember that how you communicate is central to how you are perceived. Aim for authenticity, not a hard sell.

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Conquering challenges gives us all a sense of worth and value, and as you achieve your goals, you’ll naturally become more productive. This is a wise time to make financial investments. Avoid the temptation to spend by ignoring distractions. In love, excitement triggers travel and romance and merge them beautifully. On the 18th, the sun moves into Virgo which can make you feel mentally scattered and uncertain. Ground yourself by taking some time out from what impacts you. No, we can’t cuddle ourselves forever, but it is important that we take that space as and when we need it. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Virgo which can create a very powerful financial position. On the 29th, Mercury moves into Libra which deepens your interest in spiritual matters. It’s essential to keep your temper on track. Explosive outbursts are not appreciated. With Mars in Leo until the 25th, you’ll benefit from a strong financial situation and will easily clear overhanging debts. At work, you get what you deserve. What you put in you get back. On the 25th, as Mars moves into Virgo you enjoy the fruits of your labor in all forms. You are drawn towards travel and leisure, particularly with a loved one whom you hold dear.


Professionally and personally, things are moving at a beautiful pace. By the 18th, as the sun moves into Virgo, your confidence will go up another notch. This confidence will last for the entire month and will ensure that you complete tasks and revel in the recognition you receive for them. A confident Scorpio is so powerful, partially because your intensity enables you to get things done. You are in the mood to be challenged and won’t shy away from a confrontation or a debate. In fact, you may find yourself consciously seeking them out. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Virgo which lends you energy and enthusiasm, as well as tension, which may manifest positively or negatively depending on your perspective. By the 29th, Mercury moves into Libra which makes you feel laidback and easy-going. You’ll want to be and allow life to happen rather than charging in and strategizing. This can bring you plenty of welcome relief and contentment as you don’t strive to control or alter your environment and the players within. On the 25th, Mars moves from Leo to Virgo, where you shift from seeking out challenges to enjoying and cementing your position. Get those claws in and enjoy where you are.


Your personal life and your home environment are booming with celebration. You create a space of joy and prosperity wherever you go because you take life lightly. You like to move, flow and roam and this brings you tremendous contentment. In certain matters, you may seek advice and guidance to assist you on your path. You understand that you don’t have all the answers, but you do have a thirst for knowledge. On the 18th, the sun moves into Virgo which can translate to mean that there is plenty of work pressure that you need to get on top of so that it doesn’t infiltrate and poison your peace. Mercury in Virgo helps you to be better professional lending you an attention to detail and an eye for what makes something resonate with others. There’s also a spirit of adventure unique to you that impacts everything you do. On the 29th, Mercury moves into Libra which gives you an excellent attitude and makes partnership crucial to your wellbeing. You desire romance and a partner will make you feel whole. Of course, true completeness can only be found within but support from those we love makes the journey far more enjoyable and exciting. As Venus moves into Virgo on the 10th you profit from your professional endeavors. Mars in Virgo produces desirable results as it ensures that your hard work pays off. Romantically you are at your best, truly able to put your focus onto your partner. There is also a strong desire to enjoy the sensuality and pleasure of food.


Not known to rush your way through life, the sun in Leo has given you a sense of urgency and restlessness that has been hard to ignore. Your strong capacity for accomplishment mixed with Leo’s fire drive can make it difficult for you to sit still. By the 18th, as the sun moves into Virgo, you will find that you can complete tasks with great precision although there will be obstacles and challenges. You are in a romantic mood and will be drawn towards love that is meaningful and significant. On the 11th Mercury moves into Virgo which makes the women in your life all the more important. Maternal energy is what you need right now. Your memory will also be performing far better than it has in the past helping you to excel in educational endeavors. On the 29th Mercury moves into Libra which brings challenges that push you to excel professionally. This helps you to grow dramatically. Be open. On the 10th, Venus moves into Virgo and you are advised to avoid bad influences such as smokers, drinkers and others who may lead you down a dark path. This is because you can be dogmatic, and you should not put yourself in situations where you can be swayed from your higher good. You are quite disciplined except when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure. Exercising moderation rather than excess is healthy for you. On the 25th, Mars moves into Virgo, which helps you enjoy a wonderfully productive time professionally. You are appreciated by all and this helps you to sparkle. You are still called to balance all avenues of your life for ultimate contentment and satisfaction.


Joyful expansion are two words that will resonate with you today. You are aligning with abundance and finding that life gives to you in a bountiful way. There is plenty to go around and this extends to your friends and family who seem to absorb your good luck via osmosis. On the 18th, the sun moves into Virgo and taking stock of your health will be beneficial. Meditation and yoga, as well as seeking advice, will assist you in decision making. You should avoid making big life-altering decisions without conducting these steps first. In love, you must be alert and aware of how your actions impact those around you. Your aloofness can be detrimental to your partner feeling truly seen and valued. On the 11th Mercury moves into Virgo which can trigger unexpected profit, including a lottery win. On the 29th, Venus moves into Libra which can make you more focused and mindful of your relationships, especially from your partner's perspective. On the 10th, Venus moves into Virgo which lends you to caution professionally. On the 25th, Mars moves from Leo to Virgo indicating a huge jump in growth and achievement. Things will really get moving for you!


At work, you’ll find that you get what you give. If you can put in the effort, the rewards will be tremendous. By the 18th, the sun moves into Virgo which suggests wonderful professional endeavors, but romantically things may lackluster. Your ego may be getting involved in the mix so take action to ensure that you are coming from a place of love and connection and not fear, power or control. These are the elements that destroy love. On the 29th, Mercury moves into Libra and you will find that you are appreciated, respected and valued for the unique ingredients that you bring to the table. Reminding yourself of your own good qualities should be done frequently. Invest in yourself. On the 10th, Venus moves into Virgo which generates a smooth and effortless personal life and a harmonious desire for love. You want to work with your partner. You may let your ego fall away. On the 25th, Mars moves into Virgo. You may be worried or tense, but ultimately things will go well and be fine. You need to remind yourself of this at every opportunity. Have faith, trust and let go.

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