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Annie (not her real name) had always been a frail and sickly child. She gets tired easily and often had bouts with flu, allergy, and fever which often made her miss school and social activities common for kids her age. She thought that she would outgrow her frailty but she remained unhealthy until adulthood. Though she had herself checked by doctors many times, nothing always seems to be out of the ordinary. When she’s sick, tests show typical causes of illnesses like the common cold. When she’s not sick, medical test results showed nothing special either and all she’d get from the doctor would be a prescription for vitamins.

Being frail and sickly had an adverse effect on her self-confidence and mental well-being. She was unable to keep a job or maintain a long and steady relationship. She became desperate to get better and when the usual medical sciences couldn’t give her an answer, she sought non-traditional practices. This is when she discovered taking a more holistic approach to living.

A holistic approach can be described as discovering the interrelations of all aspects of life and taking advantage of the strongest connections. It’s realizing the many levels of human needs and satiating needs without sacrificing other needs from other levels. There are basic needs like food and water, mid-tier needs like fostering relationships, and higher needs to create, and most importantly, self-actualization.

A rather simplistic analogy of a holistic approach goes like this: if hungry, one will need to eat to survive. But people don’t just want to eat, they want to enjoy great tasting food. They want to enjoy it with others like dining with the family. Even better if they create the source of enjoyment for others like through cooking, or ensure healthy sustenance by using only all-natural and organic ingredients. It’s about being conscientious about choices in life, choosing only what best benefits the body and mind.

Annie found this eye-opening knowledge from, a leading online purveyor of all things wholesome and healthy. offers diverse resources about promoting healthier lives and improve well-being. Courses and materials cover topics like healthier eating, fitness, relaxation methods, de-stressing strategies, mental exercises that improve focus and concentration, and even a comprehensive instruction on the practice of yoga.

Many people have improved the quality of their lives by applying the lessons available at So much so that in a recent survey among individuals who frequently subscribe to online self-help, was voted best site for know-how on holistic growth and development. won the category by offering only select materials thoughtfully created and curated by’s team of wellness experts and industry partners. Having a select offering makes it easier for people to find what they need instead of trudging through heaps of uncategorized blogs and reading materials common with other websites. also has a commitment to provide up-to-date programs and it will continue to edit its manageable selection to include courses with the latest development in health and wellness. Best of all, provides best-in-value experience by offering competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

And how about Annie? Awhile back, she got The Definitive Yoga program from The course taught her that yoga is not just a fitness regimen but a complete overhaul of her thinking and lifestyle. Practicing yoga made her strong at the core, increased her flexibility, and she learned to stay calm longer and more focused. She also started eating healthier and exercising more.

Her change in lifestyle worked. Annie has been the healthiest she has ever been. Her bouts with sickness, weakness, and fatigue have greatly reduced and lingering illnesses disappeared. Annie is now working on her yoga instructor certification to fulfill her new ambition of helping others with the same condition. She’s thankful to and she highly recommends their wellness courses.


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