Montreal police have found the man who hurled racist insults at Muslim woman and child

Montreal police have found the man who hurled racist insults at Muslim woman and child

Police in Montreal have found and identified the man who was caught on video hurling insults at a Muslim woman and her young daughter.

The incident has been on the city’s police forces’ radar since July 24, when footage from the altercation went viral.

On Twitter just two days ago, police reminded people that their investigation was ongoing and urged people who “have been a victim of this man or recognize him” to report him.

In a tweet, police said the man was identified because of information sent to them by a citizen, but they won’t be releasing his name or any more details at this time.

In the video, a white man wearing khakis and a T-shirt can be seen getting closer to the woman, who’s not being identified to protect her identity and that of her child, and yelling, in French: “Go ahead and film me.”

The video posted to a Facebook group for the Algerian diaspora living in Montreal has been viewed more than 320,000 times.

The man apparently was set off by the woman speaking in Arabic to her daughter. He then yelled racial slurs and sexually violent threats in broad daylight on a Montreal street.

The woman was picking up her daughter from daycare. Another woman, who also speaks Arabic, saw the incident and began recording it. Neither woman wears a “visible” religious symbol, which a new law in Quebec regulates.

The controversial law prohibits public workers in positions of power, including kindergarten teachers, from wearing any religious symbols at work. People have pointed to this incident as proof that the law will embolden racists to stigmatize minorities in the province even further.