More Than the Awards, I Enjoy the Acting Process: Rajkummar Rao

Rajukummar Rao and Mouni Roy starer ‘Made in China’ is all set to release on 25 October. Directed by Mikhil Musale, the story revolves around a Gujarati entrepreneur who tries o make it big with the help of a doctor (Boman Irani) and an advisor (Paresh Rawal).

The Quint caught up with the cast to talk about what it was like shooting for the film.

The trailer looks really good and every character looks like we have seen them around us somewhere. How do you see a film in the script?

Mouni: It’s like reading a good book. It’s reading any good story, poetry or short story. Maybe you feel some kind of vibration inside you once you are done reading it and the same happened with ‘Made in China’. The moment I was done reading, I said this is very exciting and very unique.

Does the narration do anything for you?

Rajkummar: Well, I am not into narrations. I really prefer reading my own scripts.

You in one of your interviews have said that you don’t like rehearsing the scene…

Rajkummar Rao: Yeah too much, yeah. I think you can do a mechanical blocking as per the cameras, if you’re given a stand and you’re catching the light or not, all that is very technical. But you can’t really decide on how you’re going to perform.

Mouni: For me it’s like really being in that moment and then and then it’s to react your co-actor…because you catch onto their energy as well and then something magical comes out. Probably he would rehearse my lines for me a little bit and give me direction sometimes.

And what was it like working with him because he’s a bit of an improviser?

Mouni: You know I don’t think I have learned so much on any other film set. You know there’ll be things that would be floating around in terms of the acting but this one has a knack of putting it right in the same words as in what pitch to say a line in, how should you be saying it, where do you take the pauses. I have learned a lot of nitty gritty from him.

For more, watch the video.

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