Have More Indians Than Kamala Harris, Wish Biden Chose 'Beauty' Pocahontas Instead: Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump, after his repetition of the controversial 'birther theory' to question Kamala Harris' eligibility in running for Vice President, has issued a fresh attack on his democratic opponent. Speaking to the media, Trump called Harris "a step worse than Joe Biden", adding that she was of Indian descent, and that he had "more Indians than she has".

The President was speaking at his private club in Bedminster, New Jersey, joined by dozens of members of the city's Police Benevolent Association (PBA).

"If Joe Biden would become the President, he will immediately pass legislation to gut every single police department in American and probably Kamala is a step worse. I sort of wished he had picked Pocahontas...she's another beauty," he said. 'Pocahontas' is what Trump calls Senator Elizabeth Warren; a jibe at her Native American heritage.

"She's (Kamala Harris) of Indian heritage, remember I said I have more Indians than her. And I checked, and I looked into it and I was right, I have more Indians than her," he said.

At another press briefing on Friday, Trump was asked about his "blunt" comments on Harris, having called her a “mean, nasty, mad woman.”

The President replied that he had not been blunt, and that Harris had treated Joe Biden - his Democratic adversary for the November elections - worse than anyone else.

"I watched those debates. They were very boring, but they were debates nevertheless. And I watched, you know, pretty good parts of them, and she treated Biden worse than anybody else, by far. There was nobody — including Pocahontas — nobody treated Biden so badly as Kamala," he said.

Trump was also asked if he had an issue with a woman of colour being in the presidential race, to which he said: "None whatsoever." He said he did not see Harris as a threat at all.

On Thursday, Trump gave credence to a false and racist conspiracy about Harris' eligibility to be vice president, fueling an online misinformation campaign that parallels the one he used to power his rise into politics.

Speaking from the White House, Trump told reporters he had heard rumors that Harris, a Black woman and US-born citizen whose parents were immigrants, does not meet the requirement to serve in the White House. The president said he considered the rumors very serious.

The conspiracy is false. Harris, who was tapped this week by Joe Biden to serve as his running mate on the Democratic ticket, was born in Oakland, California, and is eligible to be president under the constitutional requirements. The question is not even considered complex, according to lawyers who have reviewed her circumstances.

Trump built his political career on questioning a political opponents legitimacy. He was a high-profile force behind the so-called birther movement the lie that questioned whether President Barack Obama, the nations first Black president, was eligible to serve. Only after mounting pressure during his 2016 campaign did Trump disavow the claims.