More Than Shine & Glam: Why the Story of Your Diamond Matters Too

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We live in an era where women have to field a bag load of prying questions when seen with a diamond ring.

Who’s the lucky man?

OMG! It’s gorgeous! Who gave you this?!

Shut up!!! You’re engaged?! Ermagerd!

The sparkle that lasts a lifetime
The sparkle that lasts a lifetime

While BFFs and GFFs will never stop asking prying questions (it is after all an integral part of their very being), maybe it’s time for some new reactions. Like -

That rock looks gorgeous! When can I borrow it? :P

Oh wow, looks so classy! You do you, sistah!

Aww yes! Treat yo’ self!

No diss to those who receive diamonds as gifts from their loved ones. After all, it is still a lasting symbol of the ‘forever’ type of love that sets your insides aflutter. It is the kind of thing you give to someone you cherish dearly, but what we’re saying is sometimes that someone can be your own self.

A diamond is forever
A diamond is forever

Personality is the New Bling

Remember how people were obsessed with the blingiest pieces of jewelry not too long ago? We’re talking “hang on a sec dear, let me put my shades on before you show me your ring” levels of bling. But unless you’re a bahu in an Indian prime-time soap, it’s not practical to sport that kind of shine day in and day out.

“We’re wearing diamonds every day now, are we?”

Sure, why not? Let no one tell you you’re worthy of a diamond only on certain occasions and not other days. No one needs that kinda negativity in life! Thankfully, these days people have sort of wisened up to the idea of keeping it simple when it comes to everyday jewelry. It’s more about what the beauty and sparkle represent as opposed to how big the rock is.

A lasting symbol of togetherness
A lasting symbol of togetherness

A person is not the sum total of the things they wear, which is why it helps when what they wear have their own stories to tell. The story your diamond tells, does that resonate with you? Does it make you feel connected to it? That’s what matters. Speaking of which, did you know the iconic symbol for De Beers’ Forevermark range of diamond jewelry is a direct homage to the romance and brilliance of a starry South African night sky? Imagine your ring being able to transport your mind to a whole new place in a split second. More than a shiny rock, isn’t it?

Captures the romance and brilliance of the starry South African night sky
Captures the romance and brilliance of the starry South African night sky

Quality is a Girl’s Best Friend

Unlike most of the dresses and accessories in your wardrobe, diamonds are not slave to fashion. Trends might come and go, but an authentic diamond in your hand still has billions of years worth of history under its belt. Now that is real value right there. And when it comes to authenticity and value, it doesn’t get any better than the Forevermark tag. If you’re looking to treat yourself to some everyday jewelry, or even thinking of getting one for someone special to you, you’d be pleased to know that the iconic Forevermark symbol can now be yours in diamond form as De Beers has launched its Forevermark Icon collection. Simple and yet, classic.

And if you care about the world around you and are invested in the idea of preservation and sustainability, you should know De Beers is totally on brand with that plan. For every hectare of land they mine, they set aside six hectares for conservation of the environment around it. I know lots of brands talk the ‘woke’ talk but here’s one that actually walks it.

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