Morreale Paris To Unveil New 2021 Collection in Second Quarter

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One of the most exclusive French luxury label is getting ready to introduce more products to their lineup this year. This is why you should get excited!

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“In only two years, French-Belgian businessman and Creator Jean Pierre Morreale developed his family business to become one of the most anticipated European luxury brand to hit the US.”

Morreale Paris has been at the forefront of the European luxury scene in the USA for a few months after introducing their high end fragrance collection and extremely clever marketing efforts last year, the French luxury label is said to be working on bringing more diversity to their roadster to satisfy the increasing demand for their products no later than this year and this is great news if you’re anything like us and you cannot wait to discover what the Frenchies have in store!

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Founded by Jean Pierre Morreale, Morreale Paris is a French luxury house specialized in the creation of the most exclusive fragrances and beauty products in the world. From million dollars perfume bottles to diamonds skincare routines, the small French family label has been the talk of the town for several months now as it is considered to be one of the main challengers to potentially become a retail giant over the next five to ten years.

The young brand is already starting to pick major outlet’s curiosity and is believed to be building a lot of new relationships in Hollywood which might play an important role in the company’s strategy over the next few years. The mysterious beauty mogul is known for his thick contact book and ties with celebrities, according to a source, he was spotted in April 2021 in Bruxelles after a meeting with legendary actor, Brad Pitt.

Morreale will reveal its new face cream collection along with some ready to wear pieces and Jewels throughout the rest of the year and we were told by the family that these products would be as always introduced with breathtaking motion campaigns, and we’re absolutely thrilled to get our eyes (and our hands) on all this new materials.