Bug off: These 'mosquito sticks' are non-toxic and highly effective

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Don't let pesky bugs ruin the numbered summer days. (Photo: Amazon)

When you think of summer nights outside, enjoying the weather with friends and family, does your mind ever get to worrying about being eaten alive by annoying little mosquitos?

Unfortunately for us, just as the summer months reach their peak, so too does mosquito season. The hot weather actually speeds up a mosquito’s life and birth cycle, so the better weather we get, the more mosquitos there are out there.

Products like bug spray and repellent candles are all over, but the spray always comes with a sticky sensation and alcohol smell, and the candles never quite seem like they’re doing the trick — they also don’t smell great, either.

Instead, Amazon shoppers are flocking to all natural, deet-free incense sticks that they say really do the trick.

Murphy's Mosquito Sticks are made with three repellent essential oils — citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary — that are blended with sawdust to create incense. The high concentration of the oils (10 percent by weight) are a natural combatant of pesky bugs, making the sticks incredibly effective. And, since the scents smell nice on their own, the combination is a light, sweet-smelling refresher to any environment.

One customer's review (Photo: Amazon)

And customers who live in hot, humid areas say these really work.

“These are legit!” a happy customer wrote. “I live in Orlando where mosquitoes have been known to carry small children away. I've tried several brands of citronella candles to this point and none worked. These work, last for hours and have a nice smell. I light one of these upwind, set it by the spa and there are no bloodsuckers around, minus the lawyer across the street.”

Another five-star reviewer, who moved to California says that, despite the Cali humidity, these incense keep the insects away.

“The weather is gorgeous, but the humidity is a killer and boy, do the bugs THRIVE,” said the California shopper. “We're all extremely allergic to the prehistoric sized mosquitoes that bombard our home. inside and out, during the summer, early fall, seasons. These sticks help SO MUCH, it's incredible. I've invested well over 1000 bucks on different deterrents and repellents, and these sticks are definitely a go-to for me.”

Murphy's Mosquito Sticks

Murphy's Mosquito sticks (Photo: Pinterest)

Shop it: Murphy's Mosquito Sticks, $12, (Was $14) Amazon.com

One package of incense comes with 12 sticks, each with a burning period of 2 to 2.5 hours. The brand recommends that the sticks be placed close to wherever you’re sitting or standing outside, then dispersed throughout the perimeter of the deck or yard.

“I was skeptical at first but these honestly work.” another shopper wrote. “Now I do place it low because I get attacked around my ankles and haven’t been bit at all. I also usually don’t leave reviews but I’m super impressed and my ankles thank this product!”

One Amazon shopper's review (Photo: Amazon)

One of the biggest selling points for the incense fans was the natural components of the product, which they say didn’t leave strong alcohol smells.

“Definitely less mosquitos when we are burning this product outside,” rejoiced a reviewer. “We have had a very rainy spring here in MN and so the bugs are quite bad. This doesn't get rid of them altogether, but it does drive them away. Much better than putting chemicals all over my yard and my body.”

The shopper continued, saying: “I've never gone through a whole stick for the amount of time I've sat outside with them burning, so they last quite a long time. Will purchase again.”

And, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect incense holder — the same brand that makes the mosquito sticks sells ceramic stick holders crafted for safety.

Murphy's Naturals Ceramic Incense Stick Holder

Murphy's Naturals Ceramic Incense Stick Holder (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: Murphy's Naturals Ceramic Incense Stick Holder, $12, Amazon.com

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