Most Common And Overlooked Hair Mistakes That Cause Breakage

Monika Khajuria
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On the list of the most common hair woes, hair breakage finds its place in the top five, always. Many women around the world are struggling with this hair issue. The hair lying all around the house is the proof. The reason for hair breakage to quite an extent is our hair type and texture. For instance, frizzy hair, thin hair, dry hair and hair with split ends tend to break a lot.

But, we often miss another major reason for hair breakage- the hair mistakes we do. In all our efforts to get the hair of our dreams, we forget to be gentle with our hair. And mistakes like this cost us a lot.

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So, today at Boldsky, we are throwing light on the three most common yet overlooked hair mistakes that cause breakage. Take a look!

1. Pulling On That Tangles

It is almost an instinct to tug on the comb whenever it gets tangled on your tresses. We understand that detangling the hair is a huge task, especially if you have thin or curly hair. It frustrates us so much that we want to just get it over with. But, you need to be patient when removing tangles from your hair.

Pulling and tugging not only breaks your hair from that particular point but also puts stress on your hair roots weakening them, causing your hair to break. So, be gentle with your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb while combing your hair. And do not brush wet hair. Wet hair is more prone to breakage and combing them is not helping you at all.

2. Rubbing Hair Vigourously After Wash

What is the first thing you do after a relaxing shower? Go crazy on our hair with a towel to dry them faster? It's nothing we all aren't guilty of. It's a habit that is difficult to get rid of you, but you must. Rubbing the wet hair vigourously creates friction and pulls on the hair roots, both of these cause hair breakage.

First things first, swap your towel with an old t-shirt. It is more gentle on the hair and the material isn't aggressive on the hair. Next, do not rub your hair. Squeeze the excess water from your hair, wrap the t-shirt on your hair and press gently to dry your hair. See, it isn't that much of a task.

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3. Extensive Use Of Heat Styling Tools

Straighteners and curling wands have made the process of styling the hair so quick and easy that we are ready to overlook the damage it is doing to our hair. Extensive use of these heat-styling tools sucks the moisture of your hair, making it dry and prone to breakage. Putting heat on the hair also leads to split ends, and we all know how damaging that is to your hair.

So, don't use these tools every day if you want to protect your hair from breakage. And whenever you do use them, don't forget to apply some heat protectant to protect your hair from the heat damage.

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