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Cate Blanchett

Year: 2014
Designer: Armani Privé
Cost: $100,000
The one-of-a-kind gown cost so much because it was covered with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. And when added to the price of the jewelry and shoes, the entire look that night cost over $18 million.

The most expensive dresses worn at the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards or the Oscar is one of the most sort-after and prestigious award shows in the world. It is the biggest show which recognises and honours the talented artistes of not just Hollywood, but also world cinema. It is also the event where the women get to dress up in their best.

As the A-listers walk the red carpet, the eyes of the ‘fashion police’ are on every bit of adornment they have on them, from dress, to jewellery to shoes, how they do their hair, what brand they wear, whether the make-up is suitable, every minute detail is throughly scrutinised by the world. But of course, most amount of attention is given to the most gorgeous and extravagant dresses, made by world’s finest couturiers, worn by the most beautiful women of the industry.

Some of these dresses have gone down in history as one of the finest and the most expensive gowns ever worn. See 11 such dresses here.
Sources: Various; Pictures: Getty Images