Here Are Most Hilarious Things, BTS V Said While Being Dead Serious

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BTS V and his imaginations are beyond laughter. Here are some funniest things he said with a completely serious face.

  • Once BTS V suggested a comforting book for the ARMY’s. But the funniest thing was that he later said he has only read the book’s cover.

  • When he was asked about what names he kept for his goldfishes he said “Number 1,” “Number 2,” and “Number 3.”

  • Jimin picked the deep and dreamy lyrics of “Mikrokosmos, V didn’t hesitate to bring the chaos with a line from “FIRE”,”Bow wow wow”

  • When V was asked how Jimin is different from his teen to an adult, Jin said a funniest thing with his serious face.

  • The most funniest thing was that when RM asked V what he wants in future, V said he want to see RM kids.

  • When v was asked about the according to what he chooses his outfits. He simply said he chooses the best outfits thinking that press would be here.

  • V is very honest!! When he was asked by florist is he liked what he made for himself, he honestly said “NO”

  • He has never gotten so offended at something that makes absolutely no sense.