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Bill Clinton – Monika Lewinsky:

Clearly the infamous event had not faded out of anyone’s memory, and if at all it did, the Republican nominee for the White House, Donald Trump did a wonderful job of refreshing the world’s memory during his Presidential debate against his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. One of the most publicized sex scandals in American Politics, the Lewinsky Scandal became a global discussion in 1998 when the news of the then President’s illicit relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky came to light. Though he refuted the accusations initially, the leader finally conceded after samples of his semen were found on the latter’s blue dress. It is said that between the years 1995 and 1996 as had 9 sexual encounters.

Most Talked About Sex Scandals The World Will Never Forget

Few fell from grace, others gained all the fame they could have never dreamt of – all thanks (or not) to their famous scandals.

While some careers were ravaged ruthlessly leaving homes shattered, we dare not deny the ‘once in a life time opportunities’ offered to the advantage of others.

Here are the seven famous sex scandals the world will never forget.

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