Mother’s £200,000 dream home left hanging over Kent cliff falls off after another landslide

A home in Eastchurch, Kent, was destroyed after the ground gave way beneath it. (SWNS)

A mother’s £200,000 dream home that was left hanging over a cliff after a landslide has crashed into rubble after another rock collapse.

Shocking photos taken on Tuesday show how the home was totally destroyed after plunging down the 70ft rock face.

The home of mother-of-five Emma Tullett, 42, was left teetering precariously on the edge of a cliff following a landslide at the weekend in Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

After an initial landslide on Friday forced the family to vacate the property, another collapse on Sunday resulted in a garage and a car dropping into the ravine below.

The house had been teetering on the edge of the cliff after a landslide on Sunday. (SWNS)
The rest of the house in Kent collapsed into a ravine after a further landslide on Tuesday morning. (SWNS)

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The remainder of the property was left hanging over the drop, until a further landslide overnight meant it fell and was totally destroyed on Tuesday.

All that remains is the property’s swimming pool and one low wall, which did not slide off the cliff.

Up to 20 households were evacuated after the initial landslide last week.

Tullett moved to the house with her family two years ago. They have been put up in a home in nearby Sittingbourne.

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The collapse of the house, named Cliffhanger, has been attributed to the "devastating impacts of coastal erosion" by Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

There are fears there could be further cliff collapses at the site.

A spokesman for Swale Borough Council said: "There has been a further collapse at the site this morning, and the Cliffhanger property has now fallen.

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"Neighbouring properties are currently being inspected to assess the impact of this latest fall, and we are urging people to stay away from the area in case of further collapses."

Fifteen people from four households remain in temporary accommodation while the incident continues.

Council staff are trying to find them somewhere safe to live closer to their properties.

The cliff beneath the home on the Isle of Sheppey eroded away. (SWNS)

Lorry driver Edwin Cane, whose bungalow is behind Tullett's home, spent Friday night in his Jeep with his wife Lynette, sister Louise Ramsden and the family dog.

He said: "The first thing I knew was a knock on our door at 10.30pm from the police telling us to get out because the cliff had gone.

“We jumped into my car and went and sat at the top of the road and stayed there all night. It was freezing cold so I kept starting the engine.

"We were allowed to stay at our place on Saturday night, but when I woke on Sunday I realised the rest of the cliff had gone with the woman's car and drive. Everything.”