Motherhood Has Taught Me A Lot!

Motherhood Has Taught Me A Lot!

It happens so often with me, when I take my son to walk, he gets fascinated by smallest of things.
The rustling of leaves, which he tells me are whispering to him as he smiles!
The flowers which bloomed to shower him with fragrance as he smells!
The moon which he cherishes as a cherubic uncle!
The first rides which bring him (and me) joy and pride!
Those little achievements which are forgotten in the daylight of getting mature!
The first walk, the first laugh, the first talk- you get my heart jumping on every firsts you accomplished and shall steal away my heart in the ones yet to come!


Recently, my son finally learnt to sip through straw (which was very delayed motor skill as compared to his friends),  my mothers wolfpack congratulated me on his milestone, which I never knew is counted as one! I was elated as always and thought these littlest of joys are never ending. Sometimes I can’t keep a note of it, sometimes I will.


I feel elated when we two are walking down a street, he looks at a random person  waves and says hello with his angelic smile,he has them for a heartbeat, the frown turns upside down and they hum a happy song. I feel like my purpose on this earth is served.


Children teach us to love beyond boundaries and be selfless and giving to grow as a person and uplift the ones who need a push. I'm grateful to my son in bringing me closer to being humble and compassionate like never before.


With every new beginnings in his life, I feel I'm growing as a person. People ask me how much change I feel in myself from being an independent working woman to now a Stay-at-home-Mom, I tell them, I'm not a changed person rather I'm a better version of me now. I still am independent, just that I enjoy the luxury of being taken care of by my husband and I live the moment till the time I go back to working again, but that's not on the cards right now.


At present, all I want to do is to see my reflection in this tiny little being and want him to be the best version of me as much possible, I have dedicated few years of my life to play one role and not being a superwoman. I want to absorb these joie de vivre with him because this time would never come back.


I want to hold his hands through his happiness, the first time he gets bruised knees, even his first non achievements and shall be the one to teach him there are no failures in life, it’s a second chance to gain what we couldn't in our first attempts.


Motherhood isn't just about the joy of giving, its an art of reliving!


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