Move on

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade in which we will experience so much love, hope, joy, fulfilments and new beginnings. Some of us will meet our soulmate, some will get married, some of us will become parents, some may buy that dream home, excel career wise and the like. There is so much waiting for us and we have to embrace it.

The new year will not be new unless we add some newness to it. And yes, it would mean more than the age old, but always new, resolutions we make to ourselves and keep repeating it each year, but in vain.

Before we move onto the next year, we have to leave a few things behind, forever. Only whenyou do away with some old meaningless stuff from your wardrobe will you have space for the new stuff, right? The more places you create, the more you can fill your wardrobe with useful things.

You can start with leaving behind bad experiences, sour memories, toxic people, one sided relationships and the like. We have to differentiate between what we want and what is good for us, sadly both may not coincide.

For instance, you may like someone, but that someone may not be your well-wisher. It is truly said that some people want to see us doing good, but not better than them. Identify them, segregate the ones who truly care and the ones who are just sycophants.

Leave behind all self-doubts, fears, conflicts, get out of situations which are not a value addition to your live, discard the things which remind you of anything unpleasant, leave behind bad habits and dirty habits. Only when we do this, we can move on to the next step.

Now that we have left behind unwanted baggage, we can travel light and bright. So what shall we pack on the way? While we are leaving behind fears, failures, bad experiences, we are carrying forward learnings, refreshments, optimism, hope, love and everything and everyone that adds value to our life.

We will pack good memories, moments we cherish, our achievements in the past year, the progress we made, the times we added value to someone else’s life, the creativity we nurture, the blessings we earned, the skills we learned and everything that will make the effort we put for carrying them in the new year worthwhile.

Now that we are all packed and set, what should we look forward to? Well, look forward to everything that would encourage you to take a step ahead, towards the direction of the new path, the new year, the new decade which awaits.

Understand your threats but look forward to the opportunities, realise your weakness but bank on your strengths, recognize your foes but embrace your friends, analyse your environment and adapt to the changes, assess your work and strive for improvements, try for everything and regret nothing. Wow, we have much to look forward to.

Once we reach 2020, it’s important to focus on our Dos and to avoid our Don’ts. Our Dos should comprise of all such activities which enrich our life and soul. We must work not only on keeping our body but also our mind fit and healthy.

Focus on mental and emotional health is a must. We have to make a survival in such a dynamic and complex environment that stress is inevitable.

The word depression has now become as common as cold and flu. Given the circumstances its only we who can train our mind to keep peace at all times.

The only way we can achieve that is by tuning our mind to believe that it’s not the end. Because the day we believe that everything is over, everything will be over.

The very thought of adversity is the beginning of it. Rather consider it as the beginning of a new journey, ask yourself next is what, plan your next steps. Have faith and for achieving your purpose you will meet the right people at the right time.

Disconnect with negativity in all forms. Feed your body with good food, your mind with good thoughts and your soul with good vibes. Spend time in quality, then it will not be a spend but an investment. Take out time for your family and people who matter, take out time for yourself. If you wait for the right time, it will never come. The time is right now.

Our Don’ts should comprise of all such activities which fail to fit in our Dos. These are those things which may not add value to our life but will take away the good in us.

For instance, do not consume anything in any form which is not healthy for you. Do not engage much in the company of negative people, people who are blamers, people who are always complaining, gossiping, whining, jealous people. Their energy may get to you and may hamper your vibe.

Do not form perceptions without proper knowledge, do not judge someone without knowing their story, do not restrict yourself to meet society norms or someone’s expectations, do not refrain from giving that new venture a shot just because others were not

supportive of your idea.

Be open to receiving and giving, treasure the little things in your life which make you smile. Be open to discovering yourself, explore any diversions in your hobbies, taste and preferences. Coming towards you are 365 days containing 365 opportunities, plus a bonus day for receiving blessing, it’s a leap year after all. Happy new year!