Movie Little Baby is a story of dis-functional father and daughter; must watch for parents and youngsters

Little Baby is a story of dis-functional father and daughter. Dushyant Singh (Priyanshu Chaterjee) is a father who worries about his daughter Sasha (Gulnaz Singaporia). The most interesting part you will see is that the Sasha helps Dushyant who she hates to come out of stress and depression. Basically, it is a story based on how age gap can be resolved if parents understand their kids.

Priyanshu Chatterjee has done many characters earlier but this role shows his different side and what he is capable of. He is controlled and shows the dilemma of a helpless father with utmost sincerity. Debutant Gulnaz Siganporia’s needs to polish her acting skills and dialogue delivery. Director Shekhar Jha’s choice of picking up this kind of genre or story deserves appreciation. He has been successful in subtly conveying the message that both parents and kids need to understand each other to avoid differences. Music is strictly ok and song Take It Easy might work among youngsters as it has peppy beats. Dialogues could have been better to leave lasting impact. Cinematography is good in capturing mood of the film and locations.

Overall the film leaves an impact and recommended to parents and youngsters both.

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