Movie Recommendations for a Girls Night

Nishtha Gupta
·1-min read

Date nights and sleepovers with your girl gang contain a good amount of gossips, self care and queen support. But to seal the deal, ya’ll have to find a movie to watch with enough to drama to put you all to sleep. So here I have a list of top 5 movies for a fun girl’s night! These movies are all evergreen and can be seen over and again! Happy watching!

1) Mean Girls

A go-to movie best suited for sleepovers. It’s got the drama, the comedy and overall entertainment. It was released in 2004, but this movie never gets old.

2) Enola Holmes

It’s such an empowering movie. The lead character has immensely brought the exuberant spirit of women to become “The Women” of the century! It’s light hearted, breezy, charming and delightful.

3) The Notebook

A sloppy summer romance between a country boy and a lady from city…? Well, gear yourselves for a full on emotional ride ladies. Keep you tissues handy. You’ll love this heartwarming romance!

4) Ginger and Rosa

It’s a coming of age story portraying the close relationship of two teenagers which comes undone with an act of treachery. You will surprise yourself by liking this movie.

5) Little Women

A very cosy movie which has been flawlessly adapted from the novel with the same name. The actors have beautifully acted and this movie would live rent free in your hearts. A must-watch!