Mr. Delhi 2017 Garvit Arora

Selected eight out of the top 15 contestants who came from India on the basis of rampwalks, introductions, and presentations- represented at Rabbit Hole Hotel in Delhi — 80 participants from various cities across India took part in the city's glory.

Ghaziabad’s Proud Arora (17) of Correspondent Ghaziabad has won the title of Mr. Delhi Models 2017 by securing first rank in the Mr. & Miss Delhi 2017 competition.

Garvit Arora, a resident of Gandhi Nagar, represented amongst professional models from various corners of India. Mr and Miss Delhi 2017 competition was held on 8 November 2017 at Rabbit Hole Hotel in Delhi. In this, Garvit was honored and crowned with India's first rank and the youngest contestant. Among the 80 contestants from 29 states in India, This rank was decided on the basis of different types of rounds. Proudly won the hearts of all by displaying his talent in the talent round, red-carpet round, question-answer round. In the Grand Finale round, Garvit won by defeating 15 contestants. In the Talent round, Garvit wore Casuals to impress the judges and the audience. Proud Arora was the youngest, but the youngest of all the participants in the freshly contested contest.

In the question and answer round, Garvit raised his voice on the growing dirt and global warming in the country and asked to plant more and more plants.

He explained that cleanliness does not mean just litter. Until India is pure, our India will not be clean. That is why we need to plant more and more plants. Arora’s teachers, his friends and family are very proud.

The success of the version of the grand finale is to win the victory even at the level of Mr. India. I could reach here only with the help of family. In the field of education too, you have to work hard for the society and people of your area.- Proud Arora