Mr. Vatanak Khun Who Create, Who Take Risk, Who Live His Passion, Who Is A ENTERPRENEUR


Life of an entrepreneur is tough and we are often hit by a roadblock.
it or not, building your own empire from scratch takes every bit of your heart, soul, blood, and sweat.
When it comes to business and implementation, no amount of knowledge is ever enough. While you have your own set of expertise, as an entrepreneur you need to stay-up-to-date of your environment. Even the most successful entrepreneurs made mistakes at one point or another but learned from these mistakes to avoid them in future. Mr. Vatanak Khun is one of them.

Mr. Khun is a sociable which is fundamentally needed in running a business to build cooperation with other companies. He is also extrovert personality which helps him to get a chance to build mutual partnership with others.

Mr. Khun’s life is full of achievement and his biggest achievement is that he is a founder CEO of Sad inside. His achievement is that in spite being only a student he is a Speaker. Moreover he had also established e-commerce stores in Cambodia. His dream for life is becoming a successful Investor. Mr. Khun is full of excitement. His hobbies are sports, music, drinks and dance. Mr. Khun is also a food lover.
He possesses a strong foundation in International relations, interpersonal communication, public presentation and speaking skills, team leadership, management, and motivation, as well as providing the technical skills required to effectively manage and growth of Sad Inside venture. So far, they have provided services for 100 clients across sectors including hospitality, education, NGOs.

His future business aspiration is that his Sad Inside team will have the ability to grow their own tech ventures by using Sad Inside Media sustainable business model and receive support and investment for their ventures.
Mr. Khun also knows how to be a patient. He knows how to deal with the frustrations and devastations. He has a mindset that first term of a business can be unprofitable, but there must be a time for breakeven point and followed by profit. Last but not least, he had bear in his mind that being an entrepreneur doesn’t interrupt his duties as student.

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