'Mrs Brown's Boys' star Brendan O'Carroll blames 'disposable' generation for 'ruining the planet'

Brendan O'Carroll collects the Best Sitcom Award for Mrs Brown's Boys at the 2013 National Television Awards. (Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

Mrs Brown's Boys writer and star Brendan O'Carroll has said it is the younger, “disposable” generation and not his own that are responsible for "ruining the planet".

The 64-year-old made the claims while explaining how his grandson had pleaded with him to cover environmental concerns in the comedy.

He told The Sun: “Our generation were doing it right, it’s the disposable generation who are ruining the planet. Everything is disposable now, even furniture.

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“We had a couch all our lives, they change their couch now like they change their wallpaper. We recycled bottles and washed out nappies. We had the right idea back then.”

Brendan O'Carroll didn't want to address environmental worries in Mrs Brown's Boys. (BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

O'Carroll revealed his grandson Jaime O'Carroll had told him his generation "isn't doing enough" when it comes to the environment, which he disagreed with.

The Mrs Brown star divulged that he had included a line in the series of the elderly character being told her generation had "f*****d up the planet", but that it never made it to air.

O'Carroll explained the reasons behind the removal of the topic, saying: "I thought, ‘No, it’s too serious.’”

Brendan and Jennifer O'Carroll at the 2017 National Television Awards, where they won the Best Comedy Award for Mrs Brown's Boys. (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Recently the actor hit back at critics of his show, urging those who didn't like the programme to "change the channel".

While Mrs Brown's Boys has frequently topped the ratings for Christmas Day television, its seasonal special was beaten out by Gavin and Stacey in 2019.

The long-anticipated comeback of James Corden and Ruth Jones’ show had a whopping 11.6m viewers on the day and a 49.2% share of the audience overall, while Mrs Brown’s Boys had 4.6m watchers.