Mrs India International Queen 2020: Bestowing women with new identity

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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Mrs India International Queen 2020: Bestowing women with new identity
Mrs India International Queen 2020: Bestowing women with new identity

22 Dec 2020: Mrs India International Queen 2020: Bestowing women with new identity

A lot of beauty pageants are organized every year. But not all are focused on empowering women and giving them a platform to outshine as an individual.

This emerging gap has been fulfilled by a beauty pageant named Mrs India International Queen, where women from all over the world get a chance to rise and shine with their hidden and remarkable talents.

Judges: The event was judged by Suman Rao and Rohit Khandelwal

This pageant, which was one of the biggest entertainment, fashion and modelling events of the year, was judged by none other than Suman Rao (Miss World Asia 2019 and Miss World 2nd Runner Up 2019), and Rohit Khandelwal (Mr World 2016 and Mr India 2015).

The event took place on December 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Crowne Plaza in Rohini, New Delhi.

Pageant: This pageant was launched by Ankita Saroha, also the host

Driven toward empowering women, the event had various exciting rounds, which included Introduction, Talent Round, Interview Round, Traditional Wear round and Evening Wear Round.

This huge opportunity was provided by the host and organizer, Ankita Saroha, who herself is the winner of Mrs India 2017 and Mrs International Global 3rd Runner Up 2018.

Let's know about the idea behind the launch of this event.

Quote: It is a journey to be your real self: Saroha

Saroha feels that after marriage, women often forget their happiness, and sideline their talents.

But this pageant "helps them realize their worth, strength, their value and gives them a platform to showcase their talent to the world."

She says, "It is a platform to voice their opinions, to showcase their talent and get recognized. Altogether it is a journey to be your real self."

Winners: Upaasana Kalia was declared the winner in Mrs. Category

The winners received a prize money of Rs. 1 lakh and extensive international and national media coverage along with gifts and future work opportunities.

Upaasana Kalia (Punjab) became the winner in Mrs. Category and was awarded with Rs. 1 lakh.

1st Runner Up Pooja Gangyan (Uttar Pradesh) and 2nd Runner Up Rajni Jha (Delhi) won Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000, respectively.

Fact: The Classic Mrs. Category was won by Manju Upadhyay

The winner in Classic Mrs. Category was Manju Upadhyay (Haryana), who also won Rs. 1 lakh as prize money. Sevana Jacques (Goa) was 1st Runner Up with Rs. 50,000 and Amrit Kaur (Delhi) was 2nd Runner Up with Rs. 25,000 prize money.

Winner list: The many subtitles in the contest and their winners

The final contestants also won several subtitles which included:

Mrs India Goodness Ambassador (Upaasana Kalia), Mrs India Shining Star (Amaayra Yadav), Mrs India Fashion Icon (Madhuparna Hore), Mrs India Congeniality (Kuljit Bhamrah), Mrs India Best Ramp Walk (Rajni Jha), Mrs India Vivacious (Pooja Gangyan), Mrs India Glamorous (Priyanka Shoor), Mrs India Talented (Manju Upadhyay), and Mrs India Mesmerizing Eyes (Surbhi Malhotra).

Winner list: Some subtitles: Mrs India Courageous, Mrs India Fabulous

Some other subtitles won by the contestants were Mrs India Glowing Skin (Sevana Jacques), Mrs India Ravishing (Dr. Abhilasha Maharshi), Mrs India Sensational (Laboni Saha), Mrs India Alluring (Neelam Malik), Mrs India Beautiful Hairs (Srishty Kesari), Mrs India Popularity Queen and Mrs India Tenacious (Dr. Nita Hazarika), Mrs India Fabulous (Dr. Goma), Mrs India Brilliant (Maya Ayappa), and Mrs India Courageous (Rinku Barman).

Winner list: A platform for bringing a change in this patriarchal society

The rest of the subtitles included Mrs India Inspiring (Priyanka Sinha Roy), Mrs India Diligent (Dr. Deepalee Das), Mrs India Adorable (Dr. Simmy Khaneja), Mrs India Intelligent (Baljit Kaur Talwandi), Mrs India Perfectionist (Amrit Kaur), Mrs India Photogenic (Pubali Chakravarty) and Mrs India Renaissance (Dr. Sujata Kapoor).

With this event, Saroha provided a platform to women for bring a change in this patriarchal society.