Muge Yalcin: 3 Important Benefits You Get When Working at the Office Rather Than From Home

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With most employees working from home in 2020, old workspaces filled with a bunch of desks are becoming more and more obsolete. After all, why would you chain yourself to a small, clumsy desk when you have your entire house to work from?

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But going to the office is too important, and it can have a tremendous impact on your productivity and mental health.

So how will offices change under the reign of Hybrid working? And more importantly, what are some of the benefits that come with working in an office?

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Here to answer that for you is Muge Yalcin. Muge is a Turkish architect who’s passionate about creating the best of the workspaces supported with the right tools. A passion she’s been following for almost twenty years; ten in banking, nine in the telecommunications industry.

As she explains, now more than ever, architects and designers have to put people at the center of every decision they make. Offices are now competing with the comfort of homes and coziness of cafes, so they need to be more attractive to employees than any other time in the past.

What this means is that exciting changes are coming in the next few years… And they’ll make going to work a much more enjoyable experience. Here are some of the benefits of working in office:

At the office you’re more productive

Did you ever try to complete an important task at home but kept getting distracted every few minutes? The phone rings, someone visits unexpectedly, or you simply take a quick break only to find yourself scrolling for hours on social media. There are just too many distractions. However, when you’re at the office, you know deep down you’re there to be productive. And when you’re in that frame of mind, getting things done gets way easier, and you’re able to focus for extended periods of time.

You get to meet new people and form priceless bonds with them

For Muge, success is all about spending quality time with quality people, and when you’re working from home, you’re mostly by yourself. As humans, we need to connect with one another. We need to see people face to face and have conversations with them. That’s what makes us happy.When you go to the office, you get to meet co-workers, form new friendships with them, and more importantly learn from them.

It’s a good change in environment

Let’s face it, staying at home 24/7 can get pretty boring. We want (or rather need) to explore different places and create new routines, we’re not trees. Plus,going to the office, seeing new faces and expanding our environment, all have positive effects on our mental health and well being.

All in all, if you’ve been staying home and have the opportunity to get back to the office, it may be something to consider. As we saw, it helps increase our productivity and strengthens our mental health and well-being, and with all the new changes coming, “getting to work” will be something you can look forward to.

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