Mujhse Shaadi Karoge: Balraj Sayal On Shehnaaz Gill's Undying Affection For Sidharth Shukla, Parents' Pressure For Marriage And More- EXCLUSIVE

Bigg Boss 13's Shehnaaz Gill is once again locked inside the house but this time the Punjabi actress is holding her Swayamvar inside the controversial house. A lot of celebs from television, and social media world have participated in the show and one of them is famous stand-up comedian Balraj Sayal.

A few hours before Balraj shot for Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, he spoke to us about his decision of participating in Shehnaaz Gill's a Swayamvar. We first asked him what was his first reaction on knowing that he is being approached to marry Shehnaaz and the comedian replied, "I laughed uncontrollably." 


Balraj further explained that why did he ultimately agree to do the show, "My parents are behind my life to get married and settle down. And I have been running from it since a long time. There are 2 reasons for it- firstly that I don't have anyone in my life, and secondly weddings are an expensive affair. Here the channel is taking care of everything. Agar Shehnaaz ko main pasand aagaya to meri shaadi ye yahin kara denge aur mere paise bhi bach jaayenge (laughs)."  

Now, everyone knows how Shehnaaz feels for Sidharth Shukla. Even after the show, her affection for him is not fading away. In the same context, we asked Balraj how will he handle this scenario and he replied, "It is not easy to deal with any women that way. But I think I can handle her well as we have many things in common. Like we speak Punjabi, we both don't think before we talk and honestly, I have not given a thought to this. I will go inside, spend some time with her and if I actually fall in love, we will get married." 


Ask him, how will he win Shehnaaz from other contestants who will also be a tough competition and he had an emotional reply to it, "Shehnaaz mere liye koi trophy nahi hai aur na main is show ko competition samajh kar ghar ke andar jaa raha hoon. If other people are participating to win the show then that's their problem. A girl can never be a trophy for me. I will make efforts to impress her without any strategy."

Lastly, we wrapped up the conversation by asking Balraj, how he will handle Shehnaaz's father, who seems to be against the show and his daughter's swayamvar. To which, the stand-up comedian confidently replied, "If Shehnaaz will like me, I don't think her father will have any reason to say No. Ham unko mana hi lenge." 

Image Source:- Instagram/balrajsyal/shehnaazgill/realsidharthshukla

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