The Multi-Functional Intelligent UV Sterilizer Box U99 Harnesses The Power of UV Light for 99.9% Sanitization!

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The power of safety through 99.9 % sanitization is now in your hands - easy, effective, and convenient with U99

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Heralding a new revolution in the current unsafe pandemic-ridden world where safety is a major concern is the U99. This innovation is set to make a complete breakthrough in the modern-day sanitization and safety standards.

This well designed box with a large surface area has a multipurpose use, as its manufacturers say “whatever fits in gets effectively sanitized.” The box can accommodate cell phones of all sizes and shapes, toothbrushes, make-up tools, and much more.

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The sterilization process is based on a simple yet very effective principle- the UVC rays. The Amtidy U99 smartphone UV sanitizer does not use any harmful chemicals, liquid, or heat. Instead, it uses the power of UVC light to the fullest. As an inbuilt safety precaution just in case the cover is inadvertently left open while in use, the UV lights will automatically switch off. This safety precaution ensures that no harm or damage is caused to the eyes and skin. Moreover corona virus is sensitive to uvc according to expert.

This magical box ensures that the viruses and bacteria that cause most of the diseasesare eradicated to almost 99.9 % .Surface contamination is one of the major causes of the widespread pandemic. We have been using wipes to kill viruses and bacteria not realizing that the micro-organisms cannot be killed by those. The UV light has a deep penetrative action that reaches the smallest of spaces and corners and therefore proves much more effective than the wipes. The new U99 scores over all the sanitization methods currently in use through its efficacy and speed. It is also portable and can be carried anywhere easily. It has an inbuilt charging port. You need not remove the charging while it is being sanitized both actions can be performed simultaneously.

The Amtidy U99 UV cleaner emits ultraviolet light which has a wavelength of 250 nm to 280 nm via 2 long UVC and is very fast.

In 2009 the German Amtidy was set up. The company is well known for its focus on Artificial Intelligence Research. Amtidy has today carved a niche for itself in the area of smart home robots. It has successfully reached the homes of millions of people with all its innovative products. It has a presence in 200 countries with products that define the company’s excellence and unmatched expertise.

Amtidy has now expanded its product base from the manufacture of robots to its latest invention the UV Sterilizer Box U99. Ably backed by a team of experts that comprise doctors and professionals, they are motivated by the philosophy of value addition to their products through cutting-edge technology. They are driven by commitment and passion to discover innovative solutions that are useful for the consumer in modern times. The U99 is the latest introduction that is highly effective .The pandemic has created a deep-rooted need to maintain optimum levels of hygiene and cleanliness and this product fully guarantees it. The wipes and other ways of sanitizing are not as effective by comparison with this revolutionary gadget with its 99.9 % efficacy rate.

Amtidy has established a partnership with reputed brands in Italy, Brazil, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Russia, Australia, Finland, and other countries.

It has a highly loyal customer base that is appreciative of its innovative products and recommends them widely.

The health and safety standards of the world have been greatly challenged by the current pandemic and the introduction of this revolutionary product the UV Sterilizer Box U99 promises the dawn of new and unmatched standards of excellence in personal safety!