Mum draws eyebrows on her baby but is forced to defend herself from parenting police

Little Isabella was given a bold new set of eyebrows by her mum [Photo: Caters]

A new mum has had the Internet in stitches after drawing a pair of bold eyebrows onto her fair-haired baby.

Danielle McSherry-Schee, 27, from Fife, Scotland, says she was desperate to see what her six-week-old baby would look like if her eyebrows were visible, and found the perfect opportunity when little Isabella fell asleep.

After whipping out her make-up powder to create her daughter’s new look, the stay-at-home-mum was left in hysterics when she saw the striking eyebrows on her peacefully sleeping tots' face earlier this week.

Deciding to share the results on Facebook so her friends could see, Danielle joked she was teaching her little one “not to fall asleep” at parties so she didn't get drawn on in future.

But while most though it was hilarious, a few members of the parenting police didn’t see the funny side, with some going so far as to accuse the mother of “child abuse.”

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Mum, Danielle decided to give her baby some bold new eyebrows when she fell asleep at a party [Photo: Caters]

“Isabella has really fair hair and basically no eyebrows, so I have always wondered what Isabella will look like with them,” Danielle explained.

“One day a wave of inspiration came over me and I had to draw them on.

“I used my powder and just lightly drew on symmetrical eyebrows, a bit like mine,” she continued.

“I couldn't stop laughing, which woke Isabella up so I took a quick photo, then wiped them off.

“My friends and I haven't stopped laughing.

“It is a photo I will keep forever and I might even put it on her 18th birthday cake.”

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The mum says Isabella has such fair skin it is difficult to see her eyebrows [Photo: Caters]

After being so amused by the image of her daughter with bold new brows, she decided to share the picture to Facebook and says the reaction has been priceless.

“Everyone found the photo as funny as I did however some people commented saying it is 'child abuse' which made me feel like I had done something wrong.

“But I didn't put my baby in danger and the other mums in the Facebook group defended me,” she added.

“I would probably do it again because it is that funny!”

It isn’t the first time there has been controversy over a baby’s eyebrows. Earlier this year a mum caused a stir online by revealing she decided to pluck her 15-month-old daughter’s brows as she slept.

For “aesthetic reasons”, she took a pair of tweezers to her sleeping baby’s face, because she had developed a unibrow.

However, while she initially thought nothing of it, her friend was ‘horrified’ at her actions when she told her about it later.

The mum then headed to Reddit to gauge opinions from other parents about whether she was right to pluck her baby’s eyebrows and she received a mixed response.