Pregnant woman called 'insensitive' for planning to call daughter 'Lilia' when her best friend's girl is 'Lilian'

Lauren Clark
A pregnant woman has been criticised for planning on calling her unborn daughter a very similar name to her best friend's little girl [Image: Getty]

Some may say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - but one pregnant woman has been criticised for planning to call her unborn daughter a rather similar name to her best friend’s newborn.

The mum-to-be asked in a post on Mumsnet whether it was unreasonable to call her child ‘Lilia’ when her close pal already had a ‘Lilian’.

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She wrote: “I have a feeling I am being unreasonable but I just want to check. My friend recently had a baby girl and I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant.

“I hadn’t decided my baby girl name to use but recently I love a particular name that happens to be very similar to hers (her daughter is Lillian and I like the name Lilia).

“Do you think it would be unreasonable for me to use this name?

“She picked first and it’s not exactly a name I had my heart set on from the start so I worry it might ruffle some feathers.”

The woman added: “Fingers crossed I have a boy and I won’t have to worry!”

Her query sparked great debate on the site - with some suggesting she shouldn’t worry, while others called the decision “insensitive”.

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One said: “Your friend doesn't own the name Lillian of course but won't you feel a bit of a berk when you tell her you've given your child basically the same name as her darling daughter? I know I would.”

Another commented: “I think they are too close, anyone that knows you both will probably think you are a weird stalker!

“If you weren't set on the name until recently I would change!”

A third shared: “My sister named her eldest the same male version of younger sister child. They fell out. I wouldn’t do it. It’s quite rude.”

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And a fourth added: “If you’re good friends, I would just run it by her - but really I would hope she wouldn’t mind.”

But one person wrote: “Use it, she doesn’t own it. Multiple people have the same name in the world.”

Other users tried to steer her off the baby name entirely by noting that Lilia was a popular brand selling sanitary products in the 1950s.

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