Mumbai Food Review: Coffee and munchies

Snuggled in a tranquil space in Horniman Circle, the Starbucks flagship store at Mumbai’s Fort is the foremost of its kind and radiates a pleasant old world charm united with a present-day modern outlook, a pleasure to experience.

It made for the perfect venue to showcase the brand new menu, over an evening curated by food expert Rupali Dean amidst Mumbai’s food aficionados. Starbucks brings with it a new heightened coffee experience with an all new food menu. The new menu is tasty, elevating and absolutely Instagrammable.

Buzzing up the uprising on food Starbucks has cast 18 original dishes in July at their Mumbai and Pune stores and are in the progression to take it to their stores all over India.

The country sure enjoys food and, as per Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Tata Starbucks Private Limited, the outcome of that is more than 23% of Starbucks sales coming in from food, which is the highest for Starbucks anywhere.

Customer tastes are rolling and so is Starbucks! The new menu is to be had for all meal times extending the range from empanadas to Tres Leches! The Brioche Chicken and Ham Sandwich goes amazingly well with a Pike Place Pour.

The health freaks can go for the salads. The new food menu from Starbucks is offered solely at stores across Mumbai and Pune and is coming to Saadi Dilli soon! All in all, the food complements the raised coffee experience.