Mumbai food review: At Yazu Pan Asian Supper Club, sense the magic of authentic ingredients

Being a huge Asian cuisine fanatic, I couldn’t stop myself from being lit up with glee at Yazu Pan Asian Supper Club with my tribe to give my palate a tantalising treat. Standing there, looking at the slightly ritzy and extravagant décor made me realise that this place will attract people of pretty dresses along with prim and proper attitude.

The broccoli edamame fried rice

Making ourselves comfortable and holding a menu of 29 pages, yes you heard it right – a menu so diversified it put us in a fix when deciding what to order!

But in a few minutes, there we were, taking bites of Smokey Devil’s Cottage Cheese made with mouth-watering cottage cheese balls with flavourful stuffing of chilli and garlic, deep fried to perfection and served with a topping of oyster sauce.

Salted edmame

A starter to swear by for the soirees you host at your place. Next order on our table was Salted Edamame. This steamed soya bean seasoned with Himalayan pink salt will make your monsoon days a little more enjoyable and bearable. After all, who doesn’t crave an evening snack, and what better than a deliciously healthy food?

Turnip cake

I am in awe whenever I have sushi on my plate and thank humans for bringing heaven to life. An Uramaki Sushi called Vegetarian California is what we placed an order for. Made with the right amount of everything – inari, avocado, cucumber covered with rice in a roll and topped with cream cheese and with sesame seeds sprinkled on each piece – served in a perfect plating with wasabi along with the soy dip and pickled ginger to complement sushi.

Urmaki sushi

Turnip Cake has been top on our list since sometime ago – topped with spicy chilly, burnt garlic and scallion, it didn’t win our heart though. Next in line was dumplings. Ditching the regular dumplings we went for the pan fried ones – The Veg Pot Sticker that comes in a portion of five will not only surprise you pleasantly with its perfect blend of water chestnut, celery and carrot, but it will also widen your room of trying new things. We were already full but there was a bowl of Signature Edamme Rice flavoured with truffle oil along with Stir Fried Exotic Veggies placed on our table for us to complete our meal.


The food here is high on flavours and quality. So, immerse yourself in the Asian culture and allow your taste buds to sense the magic of authentic ingredients skilfully combining fresh veggies and other tender meals to create gastronomic bliss.

Where: Yazu Pan Asian Supper Club, 9 Raheja Classic, Next to Infinity Mall