Mum's disturbing find inside dryer while at laundromat

A woman and her son made a startling discovery while at a laundromat in New Zealand.

On Facebook, the woman explained she was at the laundromat to dry some clothes when she heard “some voices and yelling”.

The woman reportedly got a “big fright” when she saw a boy sitting in the dryer, sniffing gasoline.

The woman said she yelled at the boy, asking him what he was doing, yet everyone at the laundromat was too scared to tell him to leave.

She justified taking the photos of the boy, because his actions were dangerous.

The woman’s post has since amassed over 1,000 likes and it has been shared over 600 times on Facebook.

“Yes I took a photo he could blow that place up with gasoline inside a laundromat,” she wrote on Facebook.

A woman came across a "boy" sitting in a dryer, sniffing petrol. Source: Facebook.

Police confirmed to the New Zealand Herald they were made aware of the incident, yet no report was filed, nor did police attend the scene.

"Our advice to people who may witness this type of behaviour is to call an ambulance in the first instance and ensure they get the appropriate medical treatment," Police said in a statement to the New Zealand Herald.

Petrol is sometimes used to induce an immediate high. However, the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF), warns of the risks associated with inhalants, such as petrol.

The ADF warns using inhalants in small spaces is particularly dangerous, saying although it is always “risky” to sniff inhalants, it is even more dangerous when in enclosed space or indoors.

The ADF also warns of the long term effects of sniffing inhalants.

“Some inhalants, such as cleaning products, correction fluid, aerosol sprays and petrol can cause permanent damage,” the ADF website says.

“Some chemicals can build up in the body and damage the stomach, intestines, brain, nervous system, kidneys and liver.”

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