Murali Agrawal's Har Lamha Is The Chartbutser Song On Every Playlist

Murali Agrawal is a Bollywood lyricist. After the success of “Jee Len De” song in “RAW” movie, Murali has come up with Har Lamha which is touching everyone’s heart. Murali Agrawal is a talented lyricist and Har Lamha is close to the heart of this artist. It's not just a song but the emotions of the artist.

It is the best song and you will feel the connection with the song. Murali Agrawal and Raaj Aashoo has directed this song and Murali will be doing more projects in Bollywood. He is happy with the audience reaction for the songs he has written. He will be doing many such projects and he expects the same love from the audience.

Artist main concern is to keep the audience engagement through the content. Murali is such kind of artist and this is what it helps him to grow. He will be doing more such songs and make the audience happy.