Mushkil, A Deftly Crafted Horror Flick


Mushkil, A Deftly Crafted Horror Flick

A deftly crafted horror flick, Rajiv S Ruia’s latest shocker produced by Ravinder Jeet Dariya, offers disquieting sadistically smart moments that promise to turn your dreams into nightmares.
Admittedly, horror films today are scare factories but Mushkil will not just frighten you but follow you home like a shapeless shadow. It can make you question your life decisions and may actually be responsible for you cancelling that Greece vacation!

The storyline yanks a page out of a horror novel, with four girls – Nazia Hussain, Pooja Bisht, Shafaq Naaz and Archana Shastry – setting out to have a vacation of their lives in a romantic Greek destination. The castle is ancient and the girls have no inkling of the nasties that lurk beyond the pane glass windows of the sinister castle. The film moves on and a fog of horror envelopes the four and panic starts to set in.

As they say, true terror lies in the performances. Rajniesh Duggall with his six-pack abs is a Tantrik that even the monsters would lust for. Duggall in a remarkably restrained performance excels in his role offered by director Rajiv S Ruia, while Kunaal Roy Kapur is suave, smart and convincing in a different role as a romantic. This performance will surely result in him being offered loverboy roles in the future.

The girls Pooja Bisht, Nazia Hussian, Shafaq Naaz and Archana Shastry are not just disposable characters. In Mushkil, everyone matters!

A brilliant soundtrack by Amar Mohile, and the romantic numbers by Vardan Singh and Ravi Chopra add value. The whole movie is worth it for the VFX that keeps the audience feeling the ghosts lurking menacingly in the dark. Mushkil might not send you shrieking away from your screen but it will surely get under your skin and stubbornly refuse to get out until the time you close your eyes to sleep. Need we say more!

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