Music, dance evening to celebrate Indo-French culture

New Delhi, Feb 7 (PTI) A medley of talented musicians and dancers from France and India including Sarangi maestro Murad Ali Khan and Gulabo Sapera will come together for a unique performance that highlights the best of both cultures while celebrating unique aspects of each.

The programme 'Khushboo', organised by Alliance Française de Delhi, will weave the magic of Indo-French music and dance at the ML Bhartia Auditorium here on February 14.

'This evening will bring to life the tribal-gypsy dance style from Rajasthan along with classical instruments and sounds from Europe - a wonderful blend of cultures.

'The originality and innovative flair of each performer perfumed with the emotive soulfulness of each discipline results in a unique blend that transcends cultural boundaries and language barriers,' the organisers said.

The evening will witness peformances by Kathak dancer Mahua Shankar, tribal dance by Gulabo Sapera, sarangi recital by Murad Ali Khan, French composer Titi Robin on Bouzoug and guitar, Dino Banjara on percussion, and Amaan Ali Khan on tabla.

'Murad Ali Khan had the rich idea to reunite on stage the eminent representative of the Rajasthan dance sapera with one of the brilliant stars of Kathak classical dance, Mahua Shankar in collaboration with Titi Robin,' they said. PTI MAH MAH