'Muslims Licking Utensils' to Spread Coronavirus? Old Video of A Tradition Doing Rounds on Social Media With False Claims; Here's The Complete Truth

Shaloo Tiwari
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In a yet another viral video being linked to coronavirus pandemic scare, a group of young boys can be seen licking plates. The video is being shared on social media platforms with claims that they are "trying to spread coronavirus" by licking the plates. It is also being used to fuel racism as most captions read that the boys are a group of "Muslims" doing so with an intention to spread COVID-19 amongst others. With coronavirus pandemic taking over the world there is no scarcity of viral videos potential of creating controversies online as well. The government of India has specifically urged people to not spread any kind of false, unverified information but looks like enough heed is not being paid to it. Fact Check: Did Italian Prime Minister or President Cry on Camera Amid Coronavirus Pandemic? Here's Truth Behind Viral Picture Post.

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The video has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube via different profiles with a similar message that reads: “14 China Muslims hidden at Bihari mosque has been taken to corona virus test by Bihari police. Erode police has caught Thailand Muslim mullahs infected with corona virus. Today Salem Police has caught 11 Indonesian Muslim mullahs at Salem mosque. This video shows that they are applying and putting saliva on spoons, plates and utensils and also they are in the intention of spreading corona virus disease. Nobody knows what's happening in the Nation (sic).”

Take a look at some of the social media posts including the video:

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Another One

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However, with a little bit of Google search, you'll come across the same video on Vimeo that was uploaded two years ago on 31 July 2018 by a user called Asghar Vasanwala. Although the video comes with an opinionated description the synopsis we get from it is that it is a video of a bunch of Dawoodi Bohras, who are licking the utensils in an attempt to follow their belief of zero wastage of food. If you research a bit about Dawoodi Bohras you'll know that they traditionally eat meals in a big ‘thaal’ and are extremely strict about no wastage of food. Watch the video on Vimeo:

Recently another fake news, having the headline: "Pakistan: Patient recovers from coronavirus, throws a party to 100 people, tested positive again," went viral online. The fake article written on Coronavirus-infected Pakistan patient simply for fun is being widely shared on the internet claiming it to be true. TheFauxy calls themselves as 'India's Finest, Fastest & Fictitious News Source', but their stories are being shared by people believing it to be true news.