MyHomeMyStyle: ‘My home is a happy, stress-free and productive space.’

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Radhika Shenoi Sethi describes herself as a private banker who works to fund her love of travel, books and décor. Her passion for the third deepened post marriage, when she and her husband moved into a rental apartment in Mumbai. Over the last three years, she has thoughtfully curated her home interiors with design elements, old and new — like a one-of-a-kind, distressed bar from a factory in Rajasthan. “I enjoy creating a space that feels like it has been filled with special items collected throughout a lifetime,” says Radhika who turns to design blogs, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

The 500-square-foot studio is decorated in a primarily neutral palette with natural textures and the occasional colour pop. Areas are demarcated via functional, furniture pieces. “In lockdown, I realised how essential it is for my home to be a happy, stress-free and productive space. So I brought a little Hygge into my home [by first], decluttering the space and then adding candles, indoor plants, soft furnishings, books and rugs,” says Radhika.

(Radhika Shenoi Sethi is a private banker who lives in Mumbai with her husband. Find her on Instagram @the.whimsicallife Images: Courtesy the homeowner.)


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Yahoo Lifestyle India wants to help brighten up some of the gloom surrounding COVID-19 and the lockdown in India. As we spend more time at home, and put more effort into cleaning, fixing, rearranging and organising your home space, we ask our readers to share pictures of their beautiful home with us, in a new series called #MyHomeMyStyle.