#MyHomeMyStyle: 'My typical day during lockdown is quite engaging. I have started to revisit many of my old hobbies'

For homemaker Preeti Raut, one of the perks of having to move base every three-four years is that she gets to indulge in her favourite pastime: reimagining and styling her home interiors. “My husband is in a transferable job. This is our third place,” explains the décor and gardening enthusiast who currently resides in Chennai.

Living in company quarters hasn’t kept her from personalizing her space with an eclectic style. From Anglo-Indian and mid-century modern furniture to traditional Indian artefacts and wickerwork reminiscent of bohemian Sixties design, the three-bedroom apartment is the canvas for a vibrant mix of materials, colours, textures and patterns.

"My typical day during lockdown is quite engaging. I have started to revisit many of my old hobbies, experimenting with different cuisines, watching retro movies with family and of course, yoga to keep me active," she says. Tending to her balcony garden and frequently changing around the home décor setup is what brings her the most joy.

(Preeti Rout is a Chennai-based decor enthusiast who is passionate about gardening and cooking. She lives with her husband and teenage son. Find her on Instagram @decodingdeco_with_preeti.)

Images: Courtesy the homeowner.

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