#MyHomeMyStyle: 'One thing you can’t miss is our love for the colour blue in right doses and our love for plants.'

Detailing out the interiors of her three-bedroom row-house in Mumbai, earned Kajal Tyagi the title of self-taught interior designer. “Our logic was simple: if we were going to live in this house as a home, then it should be as per our tastes,” she says, describing the space as rustic yet classy with a relaxed vibe. “One thing you can’t miss is our love for the colour blue in right doses, and our love for plants.” This is evident right at the entrance where you’re welcomed by a distressed, blue door with carved trimmings, while bursts of green thrive all around, climbing up walls and creeping overhead. The theme colour, coupled with white, channels Mediterranean vibes in the open kitchen cum dining area and its adjoining backyard. In the private spaces, blue appears as a signature wall in the master bedroom and a bay window in the guest bedroom.

Kajal says that while in lockdown, it has been a challenge to carve out time for creative pursuits. She finds solace at the bay window of the guest room. With ample light and a view, it offers the DIY expert the ideal work-from-home nook to get the job done.

(Kajal Tyagi is a self-taught interior designer and terracotta artist. She lives in Mumbai with her husband and their two children. Find her on Instagram @kajal8212)

Images: Courtesy the homeowner.

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