#MyHomeMyStyle: 'Someday my own home will have a huge balcony where I can grow vegetables'

I recently shifted to Bengaluru from Noida and live in a rented apartment, so there are still a few things to be added here and there. I like open spaces so I can ‘gori ka sajan, sajan ki gori’ around the house without hurting my precious little toe.

Also, it helps in keeping the house clean. If you don’t have unnecessary stuff piled up in every corner and on every countertop, it is much easier to clean.

The doggo at home has a special disliking for the plants around the house so I try to put them on higher ground to avoid the conflict.

Apart from the flowers and the crawlers, I tried growing some spinach (palak) at home and I think there are coming along nicely. Next, it’s going to be tomatoes.

Someday, I would like to have a place of my own and that would be a little different...it has to have a huge balcony where I can grow my veggies in abundance. You can only do so much at a rented place.

(Srishti Sangya is a full-time new mom and budding entrepreneur. She lives with her husband in Bengaluru. The paintings are made by her sister Stuti, who lives with them.)

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