#MyHomeMyStyle: ‘Our small home is made with love and positive vibes’

Décor enthusiast Bhakti Achhara’s home is a tribute to her Rajasthani roots. This is seen across features like Jaisalmer marble flooring, a jharokha-inspired, stained-glass partition, heirloom antiques, block prints across furnishings and a generous dose of colour. “Though I always wanted a bungalow with a big garden, my husband always wanted a small apartment. When I saw this apartment with huge, french windows and two balconies where all my plants would fit, I happily agreed,” says Bhakti of her 3BHK home in Nashik.

While Saraf Architects & Associates conceptualised the interior design, Bhakti takes pride in constantly updating her home decor. “There are quite few antique pieces, passed [on] to me from generations; some of them belong to my great grandparents,” she says of myriad handcrafted artefacts across the space. Besides these, her décor curation includes pieces sourced on travels, at handicrafts exhibitions and online. Of note is a growing owl collection that takes the form of platters, jugs, vases and more. “I even have some t-shirts! I find them cute, [although] they look quite dangerous in reality,” she laughs.

During lockdown, the family has been enjoying their evenings together; playing indoor games, reading and watching television. All things that they otherwise don’t get to indulge in. “The lockdown actually let us spend a lot of time at our small place, which is made with love and positive vibes,” concludes Bhakti.

(Bhakti Achara is a house-proud, décor enthusiast who runs a small business together with her husband Manish. Based in Nashik, their family their teenage son Vishesh and Bhakti’s mother-in-law. Follow her on Instagram @bhakti_achhara)

Images: Courtesy Bhakti Achhara.

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