#MyHomeMyStyle: 'We weren't looking for a pretty apartment. We were looking for an empty canvas to paint.'

Tiyash and Sreya shifted cities, from Kolkata to Mumbai, for work purposes. After years of sharing a rental accommodation with others, they recently moved into a 2BHK apartment that’s exclusively theirs to call home. “We weren't looking for a pretty apartment. We were looking for an empty canvas to paint,” says Tiyash. Besides, a generous French window with a sit-out space (a luxury in Maximum City), adequate kitchen storage, a king-sized bed, a dining table and fridge, the space was theirs to decorate. “Pinterest boards were made, colour palettes were decided on and we identified small pain-points from the old house, which we then addressed,” he recalls.  

After some initial stylistic clashes, the couple found middle ground. The home is a blend of Tiyash’s boho style and Sreya's minimal classic aesthetic. Warm tones of brown and grey are punctuated by pops of mustard yellow and teal throughout the home. The latter is seen across accent walls and accessories. The furniture, furnishings and accessories are a mix of pieces sourced from Ikea, Urban Ladder and Westside Home. “We love having friends over for meals from time to time. We invested in good furniture to make sure the space was super comfortable,” they explain.

While in lockdown, the duo has stuck to their daily rhythms, which helps with a proper sleep cycle. Days start early with an aim to finish work in the first half. The rest of the day is spent catching up on daily chores and indulging in the things they love like enjoying their cats Catoo and Taco, reading, playing guitar and binge-watching TV shows.

(Tiyash Sen is a film-maker by profession and a chef by choice. He lives in Mumbai with his partner, Sreya, a writer and creative producer, and their kitties Catoo and Taco. Find Tiyash on Instagram @sennistic)

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