The mystery behind Ranveer Singh seeking blessings from a Pandit in this picture revealed

Chandni Shah
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The mystery behind Ranveer Singh seeking blessings from a Pandit in this picture revealed  

We know the exact story behind this picture

Ranveer Singh is known for his weird antics and that often justify his uncanny behaviour. Be those eye-popping red carpet outings or his bizarre fashion choices overall, the actor sure knows how to generate some curiosity and make everyone adore him. The Padmavati actress, Deepika Padukone has already kickstarted the promotions for her upcoming magnum opus, Ranveer and Shahid Kapoor are yet to join her for it. And while she is occupied with the promotions already, Ranveer Singh is busy seeking blessings from a Pandit whom he met outside Otters Club in Bandra. Wonder who is he and why is RS seeking his blessings? Calm down folks ‘cos we have the answers for all your questions. Also Read: When Ranveer Singh came across his throwback pic with girlfriend Deepika Padukone and held it close to his heart – view HQ pics

Curiosity runs in our genes and we were as curious as you guys to figure out the story behind Ranveer’s these pictures. And then just while we were struggling and scratching our brains to understand the situation, we got the answer to it. A source close to BollywoodLife revealed the real scenario and the exact reason behind these pictures and it’s definitely not what you expected. We are sure you guys were under the impressions that RS was seeking blessings for the success of his next historical drama, Padmavati. Especially after his last release, Befikre failed to perform at the box office. But that was not the real reason. According to the source, “The man in the picture is a Pandit from Bandra whom Ranveer has known since his childhood. He bumped into him after such a long time today afternoon and hence sought the blessings.” So yes, not everything related to the actor these days is for Padmavati. Also Read: Did Deepika Padukone just confess her relationship with Ranveer Singh is COMPLICATED – Watch video


That wasn’t the end of it. Being a gem of a person that he is, Ranveer Singh later interacted with the street kids in the same area who were too eager and excited to see him in person. The joy of meeting the actor is very well evident on that girl’s face.


Probably these are the reasons why he’s so down to earth and has a reputation for being so warm and loving with everyone.