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It is ok to force-feed until your child is full:

Parents tend to force feed their children, as they worry that their child is not eating enough. However, what we need to remember is that a child’s stomach is of a much smaller size than an adult's, and hence does not need to eat adult sized portions. Instead, trust your child when they say that they are full and let them decide when to stop. The recommended calorie intake for a one year old is 900/day, 1800 for a 14-18 year old girl and 2,200 for a 14-18 year-old boy.

Myths about child nutrition and diet that have been debunked

As a mother of a growing, fussy, five-year-old, ensuring that I provide adequate nutritious food is a major challenge. What makes it even more difficult is the constant health news that we are bombarded with on what forms correct nutrition and what does not.

However, feeding nutritious food to your child does not have to be such a worrisome, gargantuan task, especially if you know when to filter out all the myths and unwanted tips that you keep hearing.

This National Nutrition Week, here are some of the common myths associated with childhood nutrition that have been debunked: