Myths About Hair Extensions That You Should Never Believe

Monika Khajuria
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Hair extensions are truly loved today by many ladies across the globe. And why wouldn't they be? Hair extensions a blessing that can transform seamlessly even the worst hair days. They add volume, length, and bounce to our natural hair. And the best part- they come in an array of colours, textures, and lengths.

Celebrities use hair extension to play with their looks and they are a go-to for hair artists to create complicated hairstyles. Many ladies have used hair extensions to give themselves fake bangs, add a pop of colour to their hair, and give their natural hair a break from the extensive heat styling.

Unfortunately, there is a large chunk of us who haven't used hair extensions owing to some major concerns that are nothing but myths. So, today, we are here to here to debunk all the myths about hair extensions.

1. Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair

This is the most common myth about hair extensions and the reason most of the people don't want to risk putting hair extensions in their hair. We want you to understand that whether hair extensions damage your hair or not completely depends on the kind of hair extensions you go for and how carefully you place and remove them.

Clip-in hair extensions are the most used hair extensions and the least damaging ones. You just clip the extensions on your roots and at the end of the day, gently clip them off. However, if you use glue extensions or heat fusion extensions that use some kind of adhesive to stick the extensions to your hair, then it can be damaging for your hair.

So, opt for clip-in extensions and be very gentle especially while removing the extensions and there is no hair damage you would have to worry about.

2. Hair Extension Bands Are Evident

Applying hair extensions can be the most intimidating part of many people. And many of us are worried about the band being visible and ruining your look. But, when clipped-in perfectly, you won't ever have to worry about the band showing. The trick is to flip the hair and clip in the extensions and flip the hair back. Brush your hair well and your hair extension bands will be well-hidden.

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3. Hair Extensions Won't Blend With Your Hair

Another major concern many people have about using hair extensions is the stark difference between the shade of natural hair and the hair extensions. Well, you shouldn't be surprised to know that hair comes in an array of colours that range from deep black to dark brown and blonde. So, chances are, if you really look, you will find hair extensions that match exactly with the colour of your hair. And if you have recently got your hair coloured, you need not worry. You can colour your extension anytime you want to.

4. Hair Extensions Are High Maintenance

No, they are not. Properly used and stored hair extensions are the easiest to maintain. As the scalp part of it is removed from the equation, your extensions will remain healthy. All you need to do is get better at putting and removing the extensions. When you get to know the proper way to apply and store the hair extensions, managing them becomes a piece of cake.

5. Hair Extensions Are Uncomfortable To Wear

Just because they sound too good to be true, doesn't mean they have to be painful to wear. Skillfully placed hair extensions will never be uncomfortable. Once you get the hang of putting the hair extensions, you can flaunt them for days together. In fact, many of your favourite celebrities and YouTubers wear hair extensions most of the time. And the clip-in extensions have made the task even more easier.

Sure, you might feel weird the first time you put it in your hair, but it shouldn't last long. Just work on the art of applying hair extensions.

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6. They Hinder Your Daily Activities

Hair extensions are meant to give you the freedom to wear your hair the way you want to. And if you think you need to tip-toe around your normal routine to wear extension, we are happy to report you can't be more wrong. You can do all the activities from cycling, swimming, gym to running, and not fear your extensions falling off.

However, you must say, it is imperative that you take the best care of your hair extension and keep them properly to enjoy all these benefits. It's not always hair extensions that can be at fault.

7. Hair Extensions Can't Be Styled

Another myth that is quite popular among folks is that hair extensions can not be styled or there are only certain styles that you can do with hair extensions. The fact is, you can play with as many hairstyles as you want with extensions without any worry. In fact, many professionals use extensions to practice various hairstyles. From buns to half-updos and braids, you can style the extension the way you desire.

8. Hair Extensions Stop Hair Growth

Absolutely not! Hair extensions are not the reason that your hair isn't growing. If you have put the extensions in a proper way, the extensions can never cause any harm to your natural hair. Many women, including celebrities, use hair extension to hide the awkward phase of their hair growth. They use extensions until their natural hair becomes healthy and of the desired length. So, you don't have to worry about hair extensions inhibiting hair growth.

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