Naagin 5 Actor Aakash Talwar: 'Television Is Not Just About Saas Bahu Drama Anymore'- EXCLUSIVE

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Actor Aakash Talwar, who has been juggling with two shows on TV i.e. Naagin 5 and Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, talks about the changing scenario of content in the industry.

According to the actor the industry is changing everyday, every second. "Nowadays the Content is the King. Earlier, having a big star on board was enough for the film or show to work but now it's not the same scenario, I have seen films, webseries, shows not working in the audience due to lack of having a good line of content. It doesn't mean that earlier there was a lack of good content but the projects used to work on names of big stars/faces. The scene has totally changed now if you don't have a good script and even how big a star is , it's not going to work. There are many webseries, films which don't have a big starcast but have done wonders based on their good content, say for example- Kota Factory." said the actor. ALSO READ: Naagin 5 Star Sharad Malhotra On Completing 15 Years In The Industry: 'An Actor Could Be A Star In Long Run But A Star Might Not Be A Good Actor'-EXCLUSIVE

Further he says, "I have been in the industry for a decade now. In the beginning, the TV shows were mostly concentrated on Saas Bahu Drama, but the scene herein TV has also changed now. The makers have become more experimental. And the audience has grown smart and they are not ready to accept the same content that was back then in the start." ALSO READ: Shivin Narang On The Difference Between A Star And An Actor- EXCLUSIVE

Talking about the web genre, the actor further added, "I can say that there is surely an immense scope of content on the web as compared to TV. The only reason being- it has a wide canvas and less boundations. People even don't need to spend more to make a good Project; they can just record with a mobile camera and upload on youtube. So the industry has changed."

Image source: Instagram/aakash_talwar

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